The most common types of industrial conveyor belts in factories

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The most common types of industrial conveyor belts in factories
With the strong development of conveyor belts, the types of conveyor belts on the market are more and more diverse and richer. So what is the most used industrial conveyor system in factories? Let’s find out through the following article

Application of the conveyor belt

Industrial conveyor belt is a machine system that is widely used in factories, agencies and enterprises. It helps in saving labor, labor, time and increasing production efficiency.

Conveyor belt is one of the important parts in assembly and production lines in factories. Contributing to creating a dynamic, scientific production environment with advanced technology.

Conveyor belts are applied in enterprises of production, food processing, mining, .. With the purpose of maximum support for businesses in transporting goods and saving related costs but still ensuring ensure labor productivity as well as work efficiency

The most common types of industrial conveyor belts

Mini carousel

Mini conveyors are commonly used in product counting, product sorting and product weighing. Mini tapes are applied with modern technologies to be able to connect to computers and printers. Operators can use the touch screen and export audit and statistical Access files.

Mini carousel has compact size, suitable for different space conditions of each business. The price of mini conveyor belt is also competitive and there is no difference compared to other types.

Roller Conveyor

Roller conveyors are often used to move products with hard bottoms such as crates, cartons, pallet frames thanks to the solid roller system.

In the industrial roller conveyor system, the roller part is the most important. Usually rollers of conveyor belts are made of stainless steel, steel or plastic. As for the frame of the roller conveyor belt, it will be made from powder-coated stainless steel, stainless steel or profiled aluminum.

Roller conveyors are the optimal solution for transporting products of different weights, as well as in environments with corrosive chemicals and dust.

Currently, roller conveyors are widely applied in many fields of automation production. The main purpose is to save time, cost and labor of workers. The roller conveyor has a simple design, is lightweight and easy to stow. Depending on the needs of each company, it is easy to edit, adjust the speed and the ability to reverse rotation.
Packing Conveyor

Packing conveyor belt is a product that combines a conveyor system, a working table and a storage shelf. Industrial packaging conveyors can transport large-sized goods with wide conveyor surfaces and large excitations. The frames of the conveyor belt can be easily and simply disassembled and assembled.

The packaging conveyor system is designed for simplicity, low noise and easy maintenance. Packaging conveyors are used for factories that manufacture and assemble plastic, electronic and electrical household components, ..

Processing conveyor belt

This is a conveyor system used in the food processing industry. Processing conveyor belts are applied from fruit processing factories to cattle processing factories or canning factories, etc.

The processing conveyor has preeminent features that can meet strict production standards as well as meet the requirements of food safety and hygiene.

Using processing conveyor belts is a solution applied by many businesses to save costs as well as improve labor productivity.

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