Safety rules when operating industrial conveyors

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Safety rules when operating industrial conveyors-
Industrial conveyor belt is one of the indispensable parts in a production line. But to ensure safe operation, customers should note the following:
Before operating industrial conveyors
Check the whole system
Carefully check the bolts and screws for looseness
Check all kinds of lubricating grease for reducers, hydraulic couplings, bearings, .. It is required to ensure full quantity, as well as accuracy of type.
Make sure to have adequate safety equipment. At the same time these devices must be in good working order.
The tension counterweight shall be free to hang without obstructions. For systems that do not use counterweights but stretch the tape with a lead screw, it is necessary to check whether the tension of the tape is guaranteed or not.
Check the safety of people and equipment

– It is recommended to check whether the top and bottom of the conveyor belt are entangled with obstacles while working. At the same time, before the conveyor operates, it is advisable to see if any workers are working or near the conveyor. If it is really safe, then let the machine work
– The best way, before the conveyor works, notify or warn the workers
– Make sure safety equipment is fully equipped and able to function properly. Specifically, emergency stop switches, safety shielding positions, etc.
Check the power supply of the conveyor

– Make sure the forest power supply is ready
– Safety device in good working order, unaffected
– Set the machine mode selection switch to A- Automatic
Notes when operating the conveyor

– Monitor and observe the operating status of the conveyor system
– Regularly check the condition of lubricating oil leakage in the reducer boxes, hydraulic couplings
– Check for vibration, engine temperature as well as conveyor surface system for wear, jam, ..
Note when stopping conveyor system operation

If the system is stopped for a long time,

Cleaning materials clinging to the surface of the pulleys
Adjust and replace the tape cleaning blades
Replace torn, damaged conveyor curtains
If the roller is damaged, it should be replaced
Unblocking the dump doors
If, when operating the industrial conveyor system, it is stopped due to problems or problems, it is advisable to check the readiness to run the machine from the center.

On-site conveyor operation

Using the local operating switch located next to the machine, let the conveyor run and stop as required
Check and monitor regularly when the industrial conveyor system operates on-site
Industrial conveyors operate very easily and simply. However, if during operation, if not carefully checked, it is likely that serious problems will occur that greatly affect work productivity.


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