Advantages and disadvantages of rubber conveyor belts that you do not know?

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Advantages and disadvantages of rubber conveyor belts that you do not know?

In factories, enterprises, and construction sites, conveyor belts are widely used. Normally, rubber conveyor belts are often used to load heavy materials such as stone, iron, concrete, cement, sand, .. to light weight materials such as nuts, food, etc. .. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of rubber conveyor belts that are so widely used, let’s find out with us!

Structure of a driving station of rubber conveyor

– Rubber conveyors operate by the motor unit and through the external transmission

– The transmission of the rubber conveyor belt is the belts that are connected through the small pulley to the large pulley through a reduction gearbox.

– Gearbox and coupling connected to the drum unit

– When the rubber conveyor belt is installed with 2 drums, there will be 1 active and 1 passive drum. Because the distance between the 2 drums is quite far apart, the belt is supported on the roller on the machine stand. The belt tensioner should ensure enough friction between the belt and the drum to prevent the belt from overlapping when loading the material.
Features of conveyor drive system

– The system has high transport capacity

– Capable of continuous transportation

– Able to transport long distances and the products that can be transported are extremely rich. Depending on the nature of the job, it is possible to transport bulk or transport packages. For example, it is possible to transport products such as cement, coal. Or rubber conveyor belts can be used in beverage, coffee, chemical, ..
Depending on the production conditions to decide whether to use a conveyor belt or a combination of multiple conveyor belts and different types of conveyor belts. Automation equipment in production to improve productivity and reduce labor costs.

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Advantages and disadvantages when applying rubber conveyor belts to production

Advantages of rubber conveyor belt

– Loading heavy materials: thanks to high MPA, high elasticity, high number of layers and large thickness.

– Durable: Little longitudinal stretch

– Rubber conveyor belt with high wear resistance

– Resistant to humidity, high temperature and chemical environments.

– Hard to be separated because the layers of burlap and rubber are firmly attached.
Disadvantages of Sao Su conveyor belt

During operation, if the conveyor belt runs too fast, it may lead to the conveyor being misaligned and causing damage to the rollers.

– The slope of rubber conveyor belts is usually smaller than that of other types

– Unable to load by altitude

The above disadvantages can all be easily overcome through the frame design of the conveyor.
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