What is a Chain Conveyor? Applications of chain conveyors

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What is a Chain Conveyor? Applications of chain conveyors
Chain conveyors play an important role in industrial production and are widely used in factories and warehouses. Chain conveyors are available in many varieties for certain applications. Today, Cosmovina will introduce to you the line of chain conveyors . This conveyor line is considered a good solution for many businesses today.
1. What is a chain scraper?
Chain scraper conveyor is a line of chain conveyors. The chain conveyor is designed with hoppers to carry the material from high to low or vice versa.
Structure of the chain conveyor:
Conveyor frames are usually made of stainless steel, steel, and aluminum profiles with a large load-bearing capacity, with a capacity of about 15 tons/hour.
Quality stainless steel roller system
Transformer and speed regulator
Support arm, support bar, product barrier
Conveyor size depends on the production model.
Advantages of chain scraper conveyor:
– Can transport wet sticky materials
– Transmits high-volume materials
– Protect materials from loss, dirt.
– The material can be fed or unloaded at any position on the conveyor.
– Large capacity, increased labor productivity.
– High speed, durable operation.
– Easy to repair, replace components when broken.
2. Application of chain conveyor
Chain conveyor or chain scraper conveyor is low cost, easier to maintain than some other types of conveyors. Therefore, chain conveyors play an important role and are applied in many large manufacturing business fields.
+ In industry: Chain conveyors are used in dust extraction systems in steel, cement, stone powder factories, warehouses, etc.
+ In the food industry: Chain scrapers are used especially in the production of beverages and agricultural products.
+ In the electronics manufacturing and assembly industry: Chainsaw conveyors are used in the production of components for televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, motorcycles, cars, etc.
+ In mining: Conveyors are used in mining ore, coal, stone, glass sand, etc.
3. Some notes when using chain conveyors

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The most important thing that businesses often ignore is maintenance and maintenance for industrial conveyor chains. Spend 10-15 minutes at the end of each shift to clean conveyor belts, conveyor chains, industrial conveyors. In particular, the chain conveyor should not be operated continuously for a long time. We should let the conveyor rest for 15-30 minutes after 10-12 hours of work. The purpose is to reduce the amount of friction conveyor heat during operation.
Enterprises need to schedule inspection, maintenance, and maintenance on a monthly or quarterly basis. To ensure that every part of the conveyor belt and the conveyor chain are free from abnormality. Pay attention to cleaning and lubricating the necessary parts to ensure that the chain conveyor always operates efficiently.

4. Where to buy quality and reputable conveyor belts?
When conveyor belts and conveyor belts were not yet born, goods were mainly transported by human power. This takes a lot of time, costs, energy and lacks science. The appearance and application of conveyor belts in production and business is an effective solution to increase productivity and work efficiency.
Choosing the right conveyor for the job is not easy. Finding a reputable conveyor supplier is even more difficult when the market appears fake and poor quality goods are rampant.
If you can’t find your own choice, please refer to the products at Cosmovin a . We are proud to be a supplier of high quality conveyor belts and conveyor belts. Here, you can refer to plastic chain conveyors , curved conveyors , industrial conveyors , roller conveyors , food conveyors , drying conveyors , etc. All manufactured and designed. Modern, international standard technology. Come directly or contact Cosmovina for advice, design and installation of the most suitable and quality conveyor belts.

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