Compare stainless steel mesh conveyor with stainless steel chain conveyor

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Compare stainless steel mesh conveyor with stainless steel chain conveyor
Stainless steel mesh conveyors and stainless steel chain conveyors are both devices that can transport large quantities of goods over long distances to save manpower. However, depending on the type of business and the characteristics of the product, businesses choose the appropriate type of conveyor.

With the rapid development of the industrial age. Therefore, the requirements for automation in enterprises are not increasing day by day. In the past, production units focused on investing in machinery lines for production, while other jobs such as transportation, loading and unloading were done manually by human power. Now, that job has been replaced by conveyors.
Conveyor belts these days are mostly made of stainless steel. Because this material has good bearing capacity, corrosion resistance due to weather phenomena, chemicals… However, in order to choose the right type of conveyor, we need to understand the structure and features of the conveyor belt. each type to know if this product is suitable for the characteristics of the product as well as the business form of your business.
Therefore, today, Cosmovina we would like to send you the article: ” Comparison of stainless steel mesh conveyors and stainless steel chain conveyors “.
First, let’s find out together what stainless steel mesh conveyor is and what is stainless steel chain conveyor!
Learn about stainless steel mesh conveyors and stainless steel chain conveyors
What is Stainless Steel Mesh Conveyor?
Stainless steel mesh conveyor belt: is a conveyor belt that is highly appreciated for its very good heat resistance. They are not deformed by the action of tensile forces. Good heat retention and heat transfer ability. The conveyor mesh is made of stainless steel, so it is durable, anti-corrosion, not rust, oxidized, the mesh surface is airy, making it easy to clean after use.

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What is Stainless Steel Chain Conveyor?
Chain conveyor: is a product line that is applied in many fields of production and goods to meet the maximum needs of customers. With simple design, easy to use brings high efficiency in the production process.
Compare stainless steel mesh conveyors and stainless steel chain conveyors
Stainless steel mesh conveyor belt:
+ Conveyor surface is made from meshes with interlocking designs in logical shapes.
+ The mesh surface has gaps and is curved, so it is very convenient for the operation to be more flexible. Avoid causing breakage during transportation of goods.
+ Thickness: Compared with chain conveyors, stainless steel mesh conveyors have thinner mesh. Therefore, the weight of this type of conveyor is also much lighter. This helps to create flexibility during operation.
+ Stainless steel mesh conveyor belt is mainly applied in production workshops: Plastic packaging, can packaging, metal packaging …
Stainless steel chain conveyor
+ Conveyor surface is linked from link plates like industrial chain.
+ The chain plates are designed separately or linked together according to a sturdy hinge structure, flexible folding.
+ Thickness: The chain is thicker than the mesh, so it has high bearing capacity and load capacity.
With the comparative information that we give in the article. Hopefully, it will help customers have more database to choose the right product for their business needs.
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