Advantages and disadvantages of laser engraving technology on metal

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Advantages and disadvantages of laser engraving technology on metal
The application of laser engraving technology on metal will give sharper and more sophisticated engravings than traditional engraving.
Lasers are used a lot in the surface processing of products to create custom textures. One can laser engrave on wood, on glass, on non-metallic materials in general…
And this method is most used probably for laser engraving on metal. These products are all extremely versatile. So, through this article, we invite you to join Cosmo Vietnam to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of this technology.
What is metal laser engraving?
– Laser engraving on metal is a method of printing and engraving on metal surfaces with a laser. The energy of the laser beam will help create sharp, delicate and highly accurate engravings.
This method works by projecting laser beams that are focused to a point on the surface of the material. At this time, the increased energy will ignite the surface to be engraved or cut. At this point of contact will generate very large heat with different wavelengths. From there, make cuts like in the drawing. Thanks to the use of stainless steel and metal laser engraving technology, we can create any image or texture that customers want.
Metals are known to have very high hardness. So, with the traditional method of cutting and engraving, the mechanic will face a lot of difficulties when processing. And it is necessary to use specialized machines to process products. However, with the advancement of metal laser engraving technology, engraving has become much simpler and easier than before.
Features of metal laser engraving
Currently, most of the mechanical processing units use metal laser marking machines for wide application in all areas of life. Despite being an advanced technology, they still have certain advantages and disadvantages which we will introduce in the next section of this article.
Advantages of laser engraving technology on metal
– An advantage that most modern machinery systems bring to the user is to help the machining process take place faster. And metal laser engraving technology is similar. Not only shortening the machining time, but also the engraving on metal surface achieves high accuracy and efficiency. Even when performed on non-metallic materials.
– The second advantage that makes this technology popularly used is its ability to process the smallest details on metal such as: small lines, metal grooves, logos, etc. in a short time and still ensure ensure high efficiency. Meet all user requirements.
Compared with traditional engraving technology, which took a lot of time before, with laser engraving technology, the performer will significantly shorten the metal engraving time. This becomes even simpler when the machinist only needs to adjust and install the software on the computer when connected to the laser machine for the best. Every stage after that will be completely automatic laser cutting and engraving of metal for you.
– Although the production time is shortened, the quality of metal products after cutting still ensures high accuracy. The engraving details are sharp, beautiful and highly aesthetic. Moreover, laser engraving does not leave any small errors when engraving, avoiding waste of materials.
– One thing that many people worry about today is that modern machine technologies will cause negative impacts on the ecosystem environment. However, when using laser engraving technology on metal, you can rest assured because this technology is not harmful to the environment. At the same time, it also ensures the health of workers during work.
In addition to engraving on metal surfaces, this laser technology can also cut shallow grooves, stainless steel grooving, metal grooving even the smallest. People often use this laser engraving technology to engrave measuring tools, steel details, logos, because they can be processed on extremely small details.
– Although it is modern technology, using a laser cutting machine is quite easy. Because it is integrated with all programs on the computer system, you only need to control it through specialized software, without spending much time and effort.
Disadvantages of using a metal laser engraving machine
– The first disadvantage to mention when using metal laser engraving technology is that the investment cost of a metal laser engraving machine is quite large.
– Although the processing time is fast, the product has high accuracy, but after the finished product, the laser still remains on the engraving lines of the material. Therefore, we will need to allow some time for this energy to dissipate.
– Not all metals are suitable for laser cutters. With some metals that are difficult to use such as pure copper,…
In addition, if the device has a problem, the replacement and repair will have to be very expensive. Therefore, businesses need to calculate how to use metal laser marking machines to achieve the most optimal efficiency.
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