Why should you choose to use plastic pipe roller conveyor?

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Why should you choose to use plastic pipe roller conveyor?
Plastic Pipe Roller Conveyors are the leading solution for transporting medium to very heavy weight materials.

For a long time, conveyor belts have become one of the most useful equipment for transporting goods for production units. However, among the many types of conveyors on the market today, plastic pipe roller conveyors are being trusted by many people.

Why is that? Let’s find out together through the next part of the article.
Why choose plastic pipe roller conveyor?

First, what we need to find out is the structure and application of this type of conveyor.


Two ends of ladder shafts Plastic pipe roller conveyors are chamfered, grooved, drilled, or bolted according to the purpose and application to attach to the conveyor frame.

– Surface machined plastic pipe roller conveyor ladder to ensure precise concentricity and chamfer

– Bearings: using genuine bearings with high durability and load.

– Bearing protection seal system: Ensures rollers have a long life and work in places with humidity, dusty environment, abrasive rust …

– Plastic pipe roller conveyor ladder saves on repair and maintenance costs of conveyors due to concentric design, reducing vibration.


Roller conveyor systems in general and plastic pipe roller conveyors in particular have the following common advantages:

– In general, roller conveyor has a simple structure, installation and production costs are not too high. This also helps businesses reduce investment costs.

– Good bearing capacity with stable operation process. At the same time, the service life of this type of conveyor is also considered to be long.

Low coefficient of friction, waterproof and dustproof. Efficient sealing system

– Save labor costs, reduce the dependence on labor. At the same time, it helps business owners save transportation costs but still ensure labor productivity.

– Save on repair and maintenance costs of conveyors.

– Helps reduce production costs.

Application of plastic pipe roller conveyor

– Plastic pipe roller conveyor systems are commonly used by companies producing products including: canned products, drums, material pallets, gas cylinders, repair barrels, beer ties…and all other products

– The most popular is the Ladder Conveyor, which is used to store semi-finished paper, finished paper, put input paper into printers, die machines, etc. in factories producing carton paper packaging.

Above is an article to learn about the plastic pipe roller conveyor system. If you have any need for the product, please contact Cosmovina with the information below. With many years of experience in the conveyor industry, we can confidently help you choose the best product.

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