What is the plasma machining method?

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What is the plasma machining method?
Plasma mechanical processing is one of the four most commonly used metal cutting methods today.
The development of the mechanical engineering industry leads to an increasing demand for mechanical processing. Typical among them is the form of metal cutting processing. Currently, on the market, there are 4 methods of metal cutting: oxygen gas cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting and water jet cutting.
And in this article, we will learn together about plasma metal cutting.
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What is the plasma cutting method?
– Plasma cutting method is the process of cutting metals such as iron, steel, etc. with different cutting thicknesses by using plasma beam. Plasma has a high temperature, so it will melt the metal to be cut.
The principle of plasma cutting works based on high temperature and high speed of gas movement from the nozzle of the cutting head to melt and blow metal from the cutting groove. The product after cutting has a flat cutting edge without roughness. However, to create a perpendicular cutting edge, the machinist needs to reduce the cutting speed.
An important factor that determines the quality of plasma cutting is the amperage, the gas used, the cutting speed and the distance from the object to the cutting head.
Advantages and disadvantages of plasma metal cutting technology
– High working efficiency : Compared with the cutting method with oxygen gas, cutting with plasma will produce finished products with small gaps and cuts, less slag, less curvature. At the same time, the cutting ability is also faster.
– Easy to use : Simple operation, no need to adjust the amount of gas and heat, so it can still be used by workers with low technical skills.
– Reduce costs, reduce production costs : Fast cutting speed leads to high productivity while still saving costs.
Wide range of cutting metals : Plasma can be used to cut most metals. However, this method is not applicable to non-metallic materials. When cutting stainless steel, it is easy to blacken right at the cut
Efficient , accurate work : Plasma cutting thanks to its high-resolution automation can cut even thick metal sheets with high accuracy. The finished product surface is smooth and clean without the need for further processing.
CNC plasma cutting machine
In order to meet the increasing needs of the mechanical industry, Plasma technology has also been improved, improving efficiency to match the needs of the market. Therefore, at present, plasma cutting has two types: the traditional plasma cutting form and the high-resolution plasma cutting like a plasma CNC machine, which works quickly, accurately and extremely efficiently.
Above is an article about plasma cutting method. Thank you for taking the time to read our article. We hope that the information we provide will be of help to you.

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