What is anti-static conveyor belt? Advantages of this type of conveyor

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What is anti-static conveyor belt? Advantages of this type of conveyor
Anti-static conveyor belts are currently being chosen by many establishments because of their simple design, do not take up too much space, are affordable but still bring extremely high economic efficiency.
Currently, conveyor belts have become one of the indispensable equipment in logistics enterprises. If before, you are too familiar with names such as food conveyors , chain conveyors , electronic components assembly conveyors , …
So, today, Cosmovina we will introduce to you a conveyor product that is also very popular today: ” anti-static conveyor “.
So, what are the advantages of this type of conveyor? We invite you to learn with us through the article below!
First, we need to find out why antistatic in production activities.
What is antistatic? Why anti-static?
What is antistatic?
Static electricity (insulation) used in the electrical industry are materials that do not allow electric current to flow, so the charges generated in the insulating area will remain, which is a potential risk of causing an electrical discharge. Discharge can easily cause fire and explosion.
In contrast to static electricity, antistatic is the work of using conductive materials with a allowable resistance of about 104 ohm to 109 to dissipate the generated charges or bring those charges down to the system and ground , protect the product from short-circuit, fire, explosion, …
Why is anti-static?
Static electricity on the surface of an object, when sufficiently large (about 3000 volts) will create an electrostatic magnetic field, which will act to cause polarization of objects when these objects entering the electrostatic field, this polarization creates a Culon attraction large enough to forcefully attract these objects to the surface of the electrostatic carrier. This dust collection phenomenon affects the quality of production processes that need to be cleaned such as: Printing, installation, food packaging, pharmaceuticals, coatings, coatings, plating and power generation processes. death…etc.
With the information we provide above. Surely you have somewhat understood the importance of antistatic in production, right?
Next, we will learn together about the applications of antistatic conveyor belts in production.
Advantages of anti-static conveyor belt
Anti-static conveyor belt has the following advantages:
– Simple design, easy to use
– High strength, good anti-static ability and long use time
– Good resistance to corrosion and oxidation
– Capable of performing many functions such as: transportation, assembly, packaging, processing… Using conveyor belts helps to save labor, reduce production time, improve work efficiency and create business revenue for businesses.
Above is an article to share information about “anti-static conveyor belt”. If you have any questions, please contact us at the information below for support and advice.



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