The most popular forms of mechanical processing today

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The most popular forms of mechanical processing today
Each material product before being delivered to the consumer will have to go through many jobs with the participation of many different machines. So what forms does mechanical processing include? Let’s find out with Cosmovina!
What is mechanical engineering?
Machining is understood as operations performed on machines. Mechanics can manufacture machine parts with absolute precision. The raw materials of mechanical processing used are iron, stainless steel, steel, .. Depending on the needs of use and the relevance of the whole, the products will be made from different parts.
Currently, mechanical processing is divided into two types: precision mechanical processing and mechanical machining.
Recently, the mechanical engineering industry has been encouraged to develop and apply highly specialized skills. At the same time, due to increased market demand, many mechanical manufacturing companies appeared. And in order for production units to save time, effort and costs, the field of mechanical processing is very popular today.
Forms of mechanical processing on request
Currently, mechanical processing is very popular today. It helps customers create products to suit all requirements in many different fields. So what are the forms of mechanical processing?
To classify the forms of mechanical processing, people often rely on the amount of work on the workpiece cut from the original raw material to see more or less. Besides, based on the smoothness of the surface of the part after machining, one can also determine the forms of mechanical processing.
Rough machining
Roughing is a form of machining that removes most of the machining residue on the workpiece to achieve a preliminary shape and size for the part. However, in the process of mechanical processing, rough processed products because these products do not require high smoothness and precision.
On the contrary, there are cases where the material has too much work force, which requires us to perform an initial break before proceeding with roughing. Although called roughing, the created product also requires relative smoothness and precision.
Crystal processing
Finishing is the process performed after the product has passed the roughing stage. This form of machining will obtain a relatively small and thin machining residue left by the roughing. Finished products have high precision and smoothness.
Smooth processing
Smooth machining is a necessary step for parts with high requirements for accuracy and smoothness. This is the stage where the processing residual layer is taken very thinly so that the product has the highest smoothness.
In addition, some mechanically processed products will have special requirements and strict standards that must undergo super-fine machining.
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