What is an anti-static workbench?

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What is an anti-static workbench?
Anti-static workbench has the effect of preventing fire and explosion and is used a lot in electronic components assembly units.
In recent years, the use of workbench for production work is becoming more and more popular than ever. These specialized tables will help preserve the details from falling, losing…
Currently, there are many types of operating tables on the market . Therefore, today, Cosmovina we would like to introduce to you a type of operating table that is being used very commonly in electronic component assembly workshops today, which is an anti-static working table
Learn about anti-static workbenches
First we will find out together how powder coating brings the benefits!
Advantages of antistatic paint
Powder coating has the following advantages:
– About quality: For products that are powder coated, they will have a long product life, high gloss, not be corroded by chemicals or affected by chemical agents or weather. Rich colors…
– Metal protection: The purpose of coatings is to prevent air and moisture from contacting the metal surface to limit oxidation and electrochemical corrosion of the metal. The combination of pigments in paint layers is not only for decorative purposes but also has a protective effect on the metal. The protective effect of the metal surface here is the inhibition of the agents present in the pigments. Substances capable of inhibiting are usually ions of metals such as zinc, Mg, Pb, Ni, Cr, Na, K, P.
Insoluble compound with corrosion products. After these pigments are dispersed with the polymer film forming agent on the metal surface, the oxygen molecules of the air when diffusing from the outside to meet these metal ions in the pigment have been extinguished but cannot be reached. with metal surface.
With the advantages of electrostatic painting mentioned above, it can be seen why antistatic painted workbench is so popular, right?
Next, we will learn together about the advantages of the workbench in the electronic component assembly workshop.
Why should you use a workbench in the electronic component assembly industry?
This workbench is used by many companies, assembling components, installing electronic equipment, etc., and many other manufacturing fields. The desk is equipped with a lighting system and sockets to help workers operate more conveniently. The product line is carefully designed, the wiring network ensures safe use.
Moreover, thanks to the electrostatic coating, it also helps to limit the fire and explosion while working.
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