What are the types of mechanical processing tools?

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What are the types of mechanical processing tools?
To buy a good mechanical tool kit requires you to be a person with a sharp eye and many years of experience in the profession. So what if you are new to the profession? Read the article below to gain more experience when buying and using mechanical processing tools .
The concept of mechanical processing tools
Mechanical processing is the process of using modern machines and physical principles to create high-precision finished products, meeting the needs of human use. Depending on the type of machining, the mechanical processing tools are not the same. Below are the commonly used mechanical processing tools.
Mechanical processing tools for cold working
Cold working is a metalworking process performed by hand, using hand-held mechanical tools. For cold mechanical processing, workers must have certain skills. This is a processing method commonly applied in small and medium-sized factories.
The jobs in cold processing are manufacturing, assembling and repairing machine parts. The mechanical tools used in cold working are:
A ruler of 90 degrees, a ruler, a ruler … used to mark marks
Straightening machine, steel hammer, copper hammer, millet… used to shape metal
Sample tools, jigs for bending bars, vises, lathes, drills used for bending springs, etc.
Chisels (flat chisels, sharp chisels, chisels…) and hammers (square-headed hammers, round-head hammers….used for cutting and hammering metal)
Tapered handwheel for internal thread turning and thread table for external thread cutting
Cold-worker’s hammer, nail support mold, riveting die
Razor, tracing tool, tracing powder for metal scraping processing
Flat file, square file, triangle file, heart file, inner file, knife file… used to file metal
Mechanical processing tools used in welding processing
Welding is the process of joining two or more pieces of metal into a strong bond. Welding mainly uses heat or pressure to transform a liquid or plastic material and then stick it together.
Welding processing has 2 main methods: pressure welding and fusion welding, so mechanical processing tools are used such as:
Pressure welding: tools to support ultrasonic welding, explosive welding, cold welding, electric contact welding, friction welding, diffusion in vacuum, high frequency, junction, spot welding, line welding, dummy electrode, welding by capacitor.
Melt welding: tools to create extremely large heat sources such as plasma flame, oxygen flame, electric arc acetylene, … and auxiliary equipment such as protective medicine, argon, helium, nitrogen, co2 shielding gas…

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Machining and cutting tools
Machining is the process of removing a certain layer of metal to transform the workpiece material (workpiece) into machine parts of the required size, shape and quality.

The current cutting process is done mainly by metal cutting machines instead of hand-held mechanical tools. These machines take care of metal cutting operations from rough to specific shaped parts, making products from simple to complex. The most modern metal cutting machine is a CNC machine that is programmed in its own languages ​​to perform operations to form work pieces. CNC cutting machines can be mentioned as drilling machines, lathes, milling machines, grinding machines, punching machines, etc.

Machining and cutting use CNC metalworking machines, so metalworking tools will include details installed in CNC machines such as drills, grinders, turning tools, end mills, taps. , set of saw blades, circular saw blades, … The cutting tools that need to be selected are compatible with CNC machines in terms of technical parameters such as rotational speed, shaft rotational speed, milling cutter speed, displacement speed rapid,…

Precision mechanical processing now requires businesses to have large-capacity CNC machinery systems with accuracy up to 0.001mm for significantly higher cutting speeds and efficiency.

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