How to choose the right industrial conveyor belt

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How to choose the right industrial conveyor belt
Conveyor belt is one of the extremely important equipment for the industry today. Thanks to the conveyor belt, the transportation of businesses becomes more efficient. Here’s how to choose the right industrial conveyor for your business. Let’s find out through this article with Cosmo Vietnam !

What types of conveyors does your transmission system need?

There are many different types of conveyor belts on the market today. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to learn carefully about the types of conveyor belts available in the market. Each type of conveyor belt on the market today has different uses, so it should be applied to different cases. The right combination of conveyor types will help your businesses achieve maximum productivity and profits.

Depending on the application as well as the terrain, you can choose from conveyor belts such as: plastic chain conveyors, curved conveyors, food conveyors, chain conveyors, rubber conveyor belts, packing spiral conveyors , etc. PVC conveyor belt , … Before deciding to install the right conveyor belt, you can immediately contact us for advice and design support on how to install conveyor belts at your business.
How to choose the right conveyor belt

When choosing by paying attention to the face of the conveyor. The face of the conveyor belt is required to be even, the layer is straight, only hunting, the color of the layer will be yellow or red. Next, you need to pay attention to the smell and strength of the conveyor belt.

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For quality conveyor belts, it will not have a strong smell. When choosing to buy, if the conveyor belt has a strong smell, it shows that this is a poor quality conveyor belt and contains many impurities.

To test the bearing capacity of the conveyor belt, you can take a knife and cut a piece as small as a match and see how smooth the conveyor belt is. Conveyor belt that has good stretching ability, does not break immediately and gives a feeling of force when pulling, proves that this is a good type of conveyor. Conveyor belts that have a cutting surface with many easy-to-break coax streaks indicates that this is a poor quality conveyor belt.

Operation of conveyor belt in production system

If you’re only buying loose conveyors for moving, it’s easier than finding the same type of conveyor that’s compatible with the same existing system. When choosing type 1, you will not need to worry much because there are many types of conveyors to suit your needs. However, for type 2 conveyors, you need to choose conveyors according to the requirements to help your work.
Conditions to consider when choosing conveyors

In order to choose the right conveyor belt, you need to pay attention to its ability to withstand heat, water resistance, how the product adapts to the production system and compatible conditions with the environment. Besides, you also need to pay attention to the ability to save electricity, the ability to control the noise of the conveyor belt when operating.

In addition, you can also conduct a full system test by contacting the installers in advance.

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Above is how to choose to buy industrial conveyor belts to suit your business.

Please contact us directly to be able to refer to the most prestigious and professional conveyor belts.


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