Top 7 most used types of conveyors today

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Top 7 most used types of conveyors today
Top 7 types of conveyor belts used by many businesses today include: chain conveyors, roller conveyors, rubber conveyor belts, spiral conveyors, vertical conveyors, flexible conveyors, and more. vibrating conveyor.

Conveyor belt is a mechanism or machine that can transport a single load (cartons, boxes, bags,…) or bulk materials (soil, powder, food…) from a point A to point B which saves money labor, labor, time, increase labor productivity. That’s why today, there are countless types of conveyor belts with different uses on the market. And if you are not in the profession, you will not be able to grasp all the uses and features of each type.

Understanding this, today, cosmovina we would like to introduce to you the necessary information about the top 7 most popular conveyor belts on the market today.

Chain Conveyor

Chain conveyor has a chain structure belt. It has an important role in industry and is widely applied in factories and warehouses.

The structure of this type of conveyor belt includes the following main parts:

Chain conveyor belt: Stainless steel, plastic and different specifications depending on the application that use the appropriate type of chain conveyor.
Geared motor: It is a geared motor with a capacity of 0.2, 0.4, 0.75, 1.5, and 2.2KW.
Chain conveyor frame: Stainless steel, powder coated steel or profiled aluminum.
The electrical cabinet includes electrical equipment such as speed control inverter, Role, magnetic starter, Timer, push button, indicator light, etc.
There are lighting systems, sockets, compressed air lines, etc., if needed for the purpose of use.
There are support arms, support bars and prevent the product from falling out

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This type of conveyor is most commonly used in the food, confectionery, beverage and agricultural products processing industries such as pepper, cashew; in aquatic products such as shrimp and fish processing lines; in high-tech production: microchips, telephones,

Roller Conveyor

Roller conveyor is understood as a system consisting of rollers that are firmly connected to each other to support and transport goods in modern industrial production industries. This system can be used for light to very heavy products. At the same time, it also works very well in dusty environments or with corrosive chemicals.

Usually, people use roller conveyors to move goods with flat and hard bottoms (eg: cartons, box shaped products, …).

Rubber conveyor belts
Rubber conveyor belts are the lowest cost type of conveyor systems for material handling. They are considered as an important part of the conveying line and the place in contact with the material for transmission. Depending on the nature of the work to be used, we have rubber conveyor belts used in each specific unit such as: concrete batching plant, cement plant, coal, stone, brick transport line, in the industry. food,…
Spiral Conveyor
Spiral conveyor has many outstanding advantages such as flexible operation, quiet machine, saving space and maximum energy during operation. In addition, this type of conveyor is also divided into many different types depending on the needs of each production facility. This conveyor system is mainly used in the food and beverage processing industry…
Vertical Conveyor
Vertical Conveyor is a product designed with the ability to transport goods vertically vertically easily. This type of conveyor is mainly used to transport boxed products in warehouses where products need to move from low to high.
When operating, vertical conveyors can transport many products in a short time, bringing efficiency and ensuring product safety.

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Flexible conveyors
Flexible roller conveyors , also known as folding roller conveyors, are used to transfer cartons or box-shaped products with the ability to change length to make storage and operation very quick and easy. Conveyor belt can be bent to many different angles, solid locking wheels help us create flexible conveying paths at different curvature radii.

Flexible stacking roller conveyors are the most cost effective investment solution not only for large distribution stations but also for small and medium sized companies.

Vibrating Conveyor
Vibrating conveyors are widely used in industries such as mining, metallurgy, construction, coal, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals and articles used in the powder industry, pieces…
This is common equipment and advanced structure. Used in industries such as; industry of cement raw materials, transportation of finished and semi-finished products, chemicals, solid materials, mining, waste transportation…

In addition, this type of conveyor is also widely used in industries such as construction, metallurgy, chemical industry, mining, machinery, coal, tobacco, food, pharmaceuticals. Mainly used for powdery, granular, lumpy and mixed materials.

With the information that we provide above, we hope this will help customers have more necessary information when choosing to invest in conveyor belts for their business.

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