Some forms of CNC precision mechanical processing

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Some forms of CNC precision mechanical processing
CNC machining is also known as precision mechanical machining . This type of mechanical processing has the outstanding feature of using modern machinery and technology to create details and products with high accuracy, almost absolute. Today, in many workshops and businesses, CNC mechanical processing is widely applied.
Do you know how many forms of CNC machining are there? Cosmovina will help you list some of the most commonly used forms of CNC machining today!
1. CNC milling machining
CNC milling is a mechanical processing operation that uses a CNC milling machine to cut materials. In order to bring to the product, finished details according to the requirements are pre-programmed.
It can be said that CNC milling is an extremely important stage in the CNC mechanical processing factory. This form of processing can be applied in many stages with different levels of requirements, from simple to complex. In addition, the CNC milling method is also known for its advantages of saving operating costs and providing high quality products.
The new feature of CNC milling compared to traditional machining is the application of CNC technology to make the milling process automatic, easy, and gradually achieve absolute accuracy. This not only saves labor but also helps the machining process to be done quickly.
2. CNC Turning Machining
Turning is a machining method for cutting materials based on the rotation of the workpiece and the feed movement (vertical or horizontal). Along with milling, turning has become the most commonly applied mechanical machining method. It accounts for about 25-35% of work in the material cutting process.
Simple CNC turning is a turning method that uses a CNC lathe to perform. This type of machine is integrated with an automatic control system, capable of operating through programming on a computer. Thanks to the application of modern technology, CNC turning machining has the ability to cut a variety of products, simple operation.
3. Oxy gas, Plasma, and Laser CNC cutting processing
Oxy gas CNC machining is a method of cutting metals by melting oxides and blowing them off the cutting edge to form a cutting groove. All done by CNC cutting machine for real productivity and efficiency. Oxy gas CNC cutting method is widely applied in shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing and construction industries.
Plasma cutting uses CNC plasma cutting machines with high-temperature plasma cutting heads to melt the surface of metal materials. Metal cutting by CNC plasma machine has fast cutting speed for metals such as brass, iron, aluminum, etc. This processing method contains many advantages over Oxy gas processing, especially non-metallic materials. deformed after cutting.
Laser cutting is the most modern CNC mechanical cutting method. This method uses a high-energy laser beam, which burns the surface of the material. This is a technology that can cut any metal or non-metal. The laser beam creates products with beautiful cuts, high precision, almost absolute precision and aesthetics.
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