Summary of the types of mechanical processing workshop machines that need to be

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Summary of the types of mechanical processing workshop machines required
If you are looking to learn about the types of mechanical processing machines that are being used the most in mechanical processing workshops today, let’s find out in the article below.
Along with the development of science and technology, machines were gradually born, replacing the traditional working form, especially in the field of mechanics. Currently, in order to improve work efficiency and ensure the best product quality, all units cannot lack mechanical processing machines. Let’s take a look at each of the most basic types of machines in the information below.
Common types of mechanical processing machines for each factory
CNC machine
– Industrial cnc lathe is considered one of the types of precision mechanical processing machines present in most mechanical workshops today, including many different types such as front lathes, rear lathes, cnc lathes. medium size, mini lathe and large cnc lathe…
– The main task of CNC lathes is to process axial or tapered surfaces such as shafts, wheels, holes, rings, threads, machining, cutting grooves and performing material removal from shaft blanks, machining parts. Circular details as well as intricate details about designs…
– The main application of this mechanical machine tool is that it can bring a lot of practical benefits such as allowing fast machining, ensuring high accuracy from simple to complex parts to bring high efficiency. economic and technical results.
– CNC turning machining helps to minimize labor costs, reduce production time, save cutting tools, spare parts investment costs, increase durability, auxiliary equipment, tool life and minimum product fee.

CNC Milling Machine
– Referring to the most commonly used mechanical processing machines, CNC milling machines cannot be ignored. This is considered a very effective support tool for mechanical processing in small to large-scale mechanical workshops.
– Thanks to the application of modern CNC technology, automatic control by intelligent computer, mechanical CNC milling machine is capable of cutting a variety of different types of machine parts quickly, easily and with high precision. High precision, ensuring aesthetics.
– Compared to using traditional mechanical milling machines, CNC milling machines now have greater flexibility, allowing automatic delivery changes and can ensure the processing of parts with different shapes without interrupt the user’s work. At the same time, the processing time is greatly shortened and the product quality is better.
CNC Grinding Machine
CNC grinding machine, also known as automatic grinding machine, is a type of mechanical processing machine that uses an automatic control system, operating based on a pre-programmed program in a computer system.
Automatic grinding machine allows users to easily handle grinding materials quickly and accurately, achieving high aesthetics and sophistication. This type of mechanical machine tool is capable of very effectively grinding materials such as hard steel and alloys, granite, glass, etc.
In particular, the application of mechanical CNC grinders gives high working capacity, durable, continuous, safe operation, maximum saving on labor costs, and significant reduction in production costs.
Currently, on the market there are the most popular types of grinding machines as follows:
– CNC grinding machine with spindle placed horizontally with the turntable
– CNC grinding machine with spindle placed horizontally with the turntable
– CNC grinding machine with spindle set vertically with rotary table
Mechanical cutting machine
– Cutting machines are in the top of the most important mechanical processing machines in mechanical workshops, especially for iron and steel processing workshops. There are many types of mechanical cutting machines that are being commonly used today such as laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, CNC cutting machines, etc.
– Most of these mechanical cutting machines are designed to be simple, modern, compact and energy-saving, allowing users to cut materials of different thicknesses easily and efficiently. flexibility and high precision performance.
– In addition, the application of these specialized mechanical processing machines also helps to save workpieces, and at the same time helps reduce production costs for businesses.
Metal circular saw machine
– A circular saw is a circular saw with a curved blade that moves and slides on two flywheels and can only cut in one fixed direction. The most commonly used equipment in the mechanical processing industry.
– Thanks to the gravity of the saw body, the workpiece will be fixed in the vise, the machine can move from the top down and is used to cut heavy and large materials.
When using metal band saws, factory owners can also design more hydraulic systems, automatic bar feeders, hydraulic vises, etc. Thanks to the intelligent design of equipment structures, The machine is easy to maintain, maintain and operate stably in order to improve the life of the equipment, helping workshops save costs as well as not spending much time and money on repair.
Stainless steel grooving machine
– If you are operating in the field of stainless steel processing, your factory cannot lack a stainless steel grooving machine. This is a device that helps to create grooves of different shapes and sizes on hard stainless steel surfaces. This device is fully automatic in operation. In particular, the saw blade with high-grade stainless steel construction will create sharpness for all cuts.
– With requirements such as creating shine for the edges, users can also complete stainless steel products with fancy shapes … then it is necessary to use a stainless steel slotting machine. In addition, they must work well under all harsh environmental conditions. As a result, the work progress will not be interrupted.
Drilling machines are used to create holes from solid blocks from all materials such as wood, metal, stainless steel, cast iron… Currently on the market today, the types of mechanical drills are quite diverse in types. Like a hand held battery drill, a concrete drill or a bench drill. Along with the variety of brands, the price will help all users have more choices that are more affordable and suitable for their needs.
Industrial grease pump
In order to help the equipment and machinery to operate stably, with less damage, and to minimize the possible incidents, it is necessary to have a grease pump in all mechanical workshops. Karma. This type of machine will help users to lubricate and maintain other mechanical and mechanical equipment to operate smoothly and reliably and to minimize damage to help businesses save a lot of repair costs. cure.

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