Metal casting mechanical processing

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Metal casting mechanical processing
Machining casting is a processing method used to make products that are used in industry and machine building.
Features of metal casting mechanical processing services
Metal castings are manufactured by pouring molten metal into existing molds. From there, make molded products.
Compared with other metal mechanical processing methods, metal casting mechanical processing is more appreciated thanks to the following outstanding advantages:
– Various casting products : You can completely cast products weighing from a few grams to several tons. Can be processed from many different materials: iron, stainless steel, steel, cast iron, …
– If other processing methods can only produce a few products with simple structure, metal casting processing can manufacture products with high degree of hardness and technical requirements such as : machine shell, body, engine cover, etc.
– Versatile : you can use one die to use for many different metals without having to change to one.
– Flexible application : in addition to being applied in industries and mechanical engineering, casting mechanical processing can be used both in the field of manufacturing and manufacturing decorative products. art like
– Low processing price : thanks to flexible production, low investment capital, easy processing, high productivity, etc., the metal casting processing service level is also lower than other forms of processing. other mechanical work.
However, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and no service is perfect. And also for metal casting mechanical processing:
– Products manufactured by metal casting processing method are not appreciated for the accuracy of size, shape, gloss as well as surface roughness.
– Because the product has a large thickness, it will have to use a larger amount of material than welding or forging.
– Besides, this method also causes some phenomena such as burning sand, slag, slag, porosity, material shortage, etc.
– Although it is possible to process many different metals in the same die. But you should also note that this service can only process metal and alloy materials.
Diverse methods of metal casting mechanical processing
Some of the commonly used metal casting methods today include:
Sand casting : For large products with complex structures, sand casting is the most appropriate choice. Note for this method that the sand mold is created and used only once for the fabrication of the product.
– Metal mold casting : With this method, you need to melt the metal and then put it into the mold to shape. The products made often have characteristics such as high thermal conductivity, good mechanical properties, etc.
– Pressure casting : Similar to mechanical processing, casting with metal molds. That is, the metal is heated, after turning into a liquid, it will be put into a pressing chamber made up of two halves of the mold. Under the action of high pressure, the material will solidify and form a product.
Centrifugal casting : This method creates a product by using centrifugal force to distribute the molten material evenly onto the mold. From there, it will create a product shaped like a mold.
Continuous casting : The molten material is then continuously poured into the mold with a circulating cooling system and removed according to an existing production line inside the factories.
– Melt casting : is a mechanical processing method of casting by pouring liquid molten metal into a mold after the wax sample is liquefied and released.
– Thin shell casting : Similar to the sand casting method. But in this method, the thin shell molding only has a size ranging from 6mm to 8mm.
Gravity casting : This mechanical processing method is used quite commonly today. The metal is melted into a liquid, which is filled into the mold by the force of gravity. The material is then solidified and formed into a product under the action of gravity.
Vacuum casting : This is a method of mechanical processing that uses vacuum to transport molten metal into the casting mold. The metal is contained in a vase. At this time, the tank valve will be opened when the vacuum reaches a certain level. Metal thanks to the pre-designed pipeline system on the mold that overflows to fill the mold.

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