Structure and operation of bucket conveyor

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Structure and operation of bucket conveyor
The application of conveyor belts in production and transportation is not a strange method for many businesses today. Each type of conveyor has a different structure to suit certain requirements and fields. Today, Cosmovina will introduce to you Bucket Conveyor – a conveyor line that is quite popular today.

What is Bucket Conveyor?
Bucket Conveyor is also known as Bucket Conveyor. This type of equipment is used to transport bulk materials vertically. Bucket loading capacity can reach 30 – 200 (T/h). Something that no other conveyor belt can replace.
The characteristic of the bucket is that it has a large transport weight, occupies a small area, and consumes less energy. Bucket load stable operation, long service life, large lifting height. This type of conveyor is suitable for transporting powdery or granular materials. Therefore, it is widely used in cement factories, raw materials, animal feed, mining, etc.
Structure of bucket conveyor
Outer structure of bucket conveyor
Body – bucket pipe: is a corrugated iron material in the form of 2 shields, usually U-shaped or rectangular.
The legs – the head of the bucket: is a combination of the structure of the corrugated iron, the panel iron and the V iron.
Feed and discharge pipes: made of corrugated iron. The feed pipe is attached to the foot and the discharge pipe is attached to the top of the bucket.
Motor: is the most important part to operate the bucket. Depending on the size of the bucket, the manufacturer installs the corresponding motor.
Internal structure of the bucket conveyor
The drive roller is located on the top of the bucket, the passive roller is at the bottom of the bucket.
Spindle shaft: cast through Rulo. Outside there are 2 knitted bearings to help the shaft move in a circle.
Strap – strap : made of rubber outside. Inside there are layers used to install the specified bucket chute.
Bucket trough: can be made of plastic or corrugated iron depending on the product produced. The bucket chute is attached to the belt with bolts.
Working principle of bucket conveyor
Bucket conveyor has a relatively complicated structure, but the principle of operation is quite simple. First, fuel is poured into the intake manifold and flows into the bucket chutes. Then, the roller pulley pulls the belt from low to high and pours through the discharge pipe. Finally, the bucket trough returns to the passive Rulo. Just like that, the movement continues, cyclical.
Outstanding features of bucket conveyor
Move materials and products vertically with high efficiency.
The conveying speed is higher than that of the vertical conveyor and does not cause dust to the raw materials.
Bucket conveyor belt is manufactured from thick galvanized steel, fired at high temperature. So durability and product life is high.
Capacity can reach 30 – 200 m3/h.
Can load heavy materials such as minerals, iron ore, coal, etc.
Easy installation, takes up little space, saves energy.
Limit fuel drop when operating.
Can replace traditional transportation equipment and human labor.
Above is the structure and operating principle of the bucket conveyor. Like other types of conveyors, bucket conveyors contribute to increased efficiency in business, production and transportation. Thereby bringing many benefits to businesses and the development of the economy.

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