Installing a conveyor belt system for a reputable quality sewing company

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Installing a conveyor belt system for a reputable quality sewing company
Conveyor belts and conveyors are indispensable equipment in garment enterprises. But how to install a reputable and quality conveyor system?
Previously, Comsovina we introduced to you various types of conveyors such as: Fruit Conveyor , Clean Room Conveyor , Curved Plastic Chain Conveyor , …. So, today, we would like to continue to introduce to you a conveyor system that is also extremely popular in today’s garment businesses. That is the ” conveyor belt of the garment company “.
So, what kind of application does this conveyor belt have? Let’s find out together through the article below.
Learn about the company’s conveyor belt
Currently, the garment industry is one of the key industries in our country. Not only supplying products for domestic consumption but also exporting to other countries in the world in large quantities. Therefore, not only the requirements of product quality need to be ensured, but also the speed in the doors from cutting and sewing to transportation must also be ensured. Therefore, even the transport support line is manufactured according to standards to ensure safety during the production process. So they have a lot of advantages.
First, we will talk together about the advantages of conveyor belts used in garment factories:
– Simple, compact design does not take up too much space in workshops
– High-strength structural material and good bearing capacity
– Diversity in designs and sizes
– Easy to use and maintain, easy to clean after use
– Reasonable price
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The unit that installs the conveyor belt system of a reputable and quality garment company
Conveyor system not only brings efficiency and saves manpower for production units. And, at the same time, it also accelerates labor efficiency and saves a lot of time. But, for these equipment to operate smoothly, the design, consultation and installation cannot be ignored.
Comsovina is a unit with many years of experience in consulting, designing and manufacturing conveyor belts for many businesses across the country and has become a longtime partner.
Always ensure prestige and quality on each product supplied to the market. The inspection and operation stages are always checked by Cosmo’s top engineers before handing over to customers. Use product quality to create credibility. Therefore, customers can completely trust our company.

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