Standard of roller curved angle conveyor

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Standard of roller curved angle conveyor
Curved roller conveyors are commonly used in manufacturing companies. Especially in carton packaging factories, wood factories, garment factories and in food industries.

Today, the use of conveyor belts for production processes is no longer strange to any of us. However, if you are not in the industry, you will not be able to understand and fully grasp the features of each type. Therefore, today, Cosmovina we would like to introduce to you a conveyor product that is being used very popularly in manufacturing companies recently, that is: curved roller conveyor .

So, what is the standard of this type of conveyor? We invite you to learn with us through the article below.
Standard of roller curved angle conveyor

The first criterion to evaluate the curved angle roller conveyor is the construction material.

Construction material

For curved corner conveyors, the rollers are made from high-strength materials such as aluminum profiles, PVC, monolithic steel… Thanks to their rigidity and high bearing capacity, they can withstand the impact of various phenomena. weather. Therefore, they are almost not deformed, or damaged by strong pedaling. Moreover, this type of conveyor also has the advantage of being easy to assemble, disassemble, maintain and repair.

The next standard that we want to talk about is the technological characteristics of the product.
Technological features

The curved conveyor system has the advantage of compact design. This helps optimize space in tight production environments. Rated as one of the equipment with the highest economic efficiency, it is applied in many areas of transporting goods and raw materials for production. Curved angle roller conveyor is a directional conveyor that moves products with an angle of 45 degrees; 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees. Divided into 2 types with motor and without motor.

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Thanks to its large and effective coordination ability, convenient connection with other conveyors, it is not difficult to understand why this type of conveyor has become the first choice of many businesses in recent years. With the function can transport a variety of different items such as boxes, bags, clothes …
Some types of curved angle conveyors on the market today

– Conveyor angle diverter

– Conveyor belt with 90 degree curved angle ,

Conveyor belt curved 180 degrees

– Profiled aluminum curved chain conveyor

– Stainless steel curved conveyor

– Free roller curved angle conveyor

Above is the article about the standard of roller curved angle conveyor. If you have a product need, please contact us immediately with the information below for support and answer.

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