Learn about free-drive rollers

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Learn about free-drive rollers
The free-wheel drive roller is widely used in many fields such as construction fields such as manufacturing and is a popular product in the transportation of goods.
For a long time, conveyor belts have been known as one of the indispensable products in the automation chain of enterprises. Normally, people will be familiar with familiar products such as rubber conveyor belts , food conveyor belts , curved conveyor belts , etc. However, today, Cosmovina we would like to introduce to you a completely new product. that is: ” roller drive freely “.
So, what’s so special about this roller? We invite you to learn with us through the article below.
Learn about free-drive rollers
First, when learning about a product, we need to learn carefully about its structure. Because these parameters will help us understand the features so that we can put them into use in the right environment.
Roller housing is usually made of stainless steel, galvanized steel or plastic . Depending on the needs of the user, they are designed with different diameters and thicknesses.
Load-bearing bearings are wrapped in iron ball cups to increase load capacity, prevent dust, prevent spills from jamming and damaging rollers.
– Load-bearing assembly consisting of 1 precision ball bearing, a polymer housing and a sealed cover. As a result, the roller has a sleek, smooth surface and smooth operation.
– Depending on the load, the appropriate bearing size is designed to meet the requirements of continuous and stable operation. The free roller is suitable for high speed working requirements. High speed can vary with roller length and diameter. Speed ​​can reach max 120m/min.
– The temperature range in which the roller can operate stably is from -5°C to 40°C
– The design of the rear cover protects the bearings to prevent dust and water from entering the rollers causing damage to the bearings.
With many different sizes of bearings according to the load. Meets the requirements for continuity and stability

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Free-wheel drive rollers are used in projects such as transporting, arranging materials in warehouses, transporting semi-finished products in assembly lines, transporting cartons and boxes.
Above is an article to share information about ” free drive roller “. If you have any product needs, please contact us with the information below for support and advice.

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