How to prevent accidents when operating industrial conveyors

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How to prevent accidents when operating industrial conveyors
Accident prevention when using conveyor belts is one of the most important things in operation and production. Conveyor belt is a device that helps workers save a lot of time and money. However, if not careful, it will seriously affect the goods and especially the health and life of people. In this article, let’s go with Cosmo Vietnam to find the answer to how to prevent accidents when operating conveyors.
Causes of accidents when operating conveyors

– Workers stand, sit, climb on conveyors

– Workers can become entangled between the roll bar and the conveyor when trying to pick up foreign objects while the machine is running

– Safety cap is not installed at the junction between the roll bar and the conveyor

-The position of the power switch is not reasonable, making it difficult to turn off the power in emergencies.
How to prevent accidents when operating conveyors

– Do not climb, stand, walk on the conveyor belt especially when the machine is in operation

– Do not operate the conveyor belt and do not allow it to operate without protection and safety in place.

To ensure the conveyor belt works efficiently and safely, you should keep the area around the conveyor clean. Do not leave a lot of garbage around and there is a lot of dust on the conveyor surface.

– When carrying out repair and maintenance, it is advisable to notify workers and related departments. You should make sure that the switch is disconnected and that the “under repair” sign should be posted to prevent someone from accidentally flipping the switch to operate the conveyor.

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– Should wear neat uniforms, avoid entanglement in conveyor belts. Loose clothes should be tucked in, hair should be tied neatly so as not to get caught in the conveyor belt. In particular, workers need to force their hands out of the conveyor belt when it is operating.

– It is necessary to install and use the bridge when passing through the conveyor.

– Do not arbitrarily adjust the conveyor speed without the decision of the management.

– Use the conveyor belt for the right purpose. In particular, do not use conveyors to transport people, pets and other unauthorized objects.

– Only properly trained workers and employees who are well-trained, qualified and have duties are allowed to operate conveyors, carry out maintenance and repair of conveyors.

Conveyor belts should be checked regularly to ensure correct operation and prevent possible risks. Make sure that no one has modified, arbitrarily replaced parts, abused or disconnected them.

Above are ways you can prevent accidents when operating conveyors. Wish you have a safe and effective experience.

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