Bucket loader and its application in production

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Bucket loader and its application in production
Bucket conveyor is a system for transporting small particles and powders vertically upwards. Using a bucket load can transport goods with a large tonnage, occupying less space and consuming no energy.
Construction of bucket load
Bucket load includes the following parts:
– Drive parts
– The first part
– Standard and non-standard details
– Assembly details
– End
– Tang is passive to stretch the bucket
– Support unit, floor
– Control cabinet
– Speed ​​switch
– Material scoop monitor and anti-drip switch
– Active pulley (moving part of the bucket); Passive pulley (helps bucket load enough tension to ensure frictional force)
The bucket frame is made of steel and reinforced with stiffeners to ensure high use and installation. The outer layer of the frame is covered by a tole layer to prevent dust and prevent materials from falling out.
– Bucket rope: made from synthetic rubber fibers inside with braided ropes
Ladles are made of steel or plastic. In addition, in the food processing industry, the ladle is also made of stainless steel.
– Bucket bolts
– Bucket discharge pipe
– He feeds the bucket
Application of bucket load
Bucket loader is widely used in many fields of production, such as:
– Industry for the production of granular or powdered materials
– Mining industry and construction materials: with a solid structure, the bucket is capable of transporting materials such as coal, iron ore, bricks, ..
– Used in closed mill and crusher system, cement silo feeding, fodder silo, heat exchanger tower, ..
Depending on the nature of the transported products, you can choose the right materials to ensure the production process and reduce energy consumption. Eg:
– Steel bucket : Specializes in transporting heavy, highly elastic materials
– Stainless steel bucket: Specializing in transporting materials in environments with many complex chemical components
– Plastic buckets: Transport normal materials, less abrasive and less chemical composition
In addition, bucket capacity is related to output and production downtime. Depending on the needs, you can choose the corresponding bucket size.
Advantages when applying bucket load in production
– Vertical material transport with enhanced efficiency while saving energy
– Higher conveying speed than vertical conveyors and does not cause dirt
– Large loading capacity, reaching 30-200m3/h, allowing to load heavy materials such as coal, iron ore
– Easy to install, takes up little space, so it is very suitable for businesses with limited workshop area
– The loss index is significantly reduced, due to the closed process and operation of the bucket.
Where can I buy buckets?
Owning a bucket will bring high economic efficiency, save costs and human resources, and also ensure labor safety. To evaluate the quality of the bucket to meet the standards and meet the production function, it is necessary to have a professional unit to do this.
Please contact Cosmovina for advice on buying quality buckets easily and quickly. Currently Cosmovina is a unit specializing in the design and supply of buckets, manufacturing machines, conveyors, professional and quality mechanical processing services. Products are checked and evaluated for quality before being put into operation
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