How are multi-stage conveyors used in warehouses?

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How are multi-stage conveyors used in warehouses?
Using multi-level conveyors is a way to help businesses improve production efficiency, save space, area and related costs. So in practice, how are multi-tiered conveyors used in warehouses? Let’s find out with Cosmovina!
What is a multistage conveyor system?
Multi-stage conveyor system is one of the types of conveyors that help people free up human labor in moving goods to desired locations. Currently, there are 3 types of conveyors in common use: horizontal conveyors, uphill conveyors and vertical conveyors with many different materials such as stainless steel, rubber, PVC, ..
Multi-level conveyor system is considered an effective solution for warehouses (can be combined with many different types of conveyors to transport products between floors). Multi-stage conveyor system designed to reduce worker distance and effort instead of traditional, manual operation
Benefits of using a multi-stage conveyor system
– Improved safety of warehouses. Solution to replace the elevator used in the mezzanine floors
– Increased picking efficiency and productivity because employees don’t have to move a lot
– Automated warehouse management and replenishment when out of stock
– Automatically classify goods for service providers based on price. Where the warehouse management system is located with variable parameters such as weight
– Option to sort warehouse step by step according to business growth model and budget.
How do multi-stage conveyors work?
Central warehouses are built with ceilings with fairly high shelving systems to store products in large volumes or can be packed. These high ceilings allow the construction of a multi-level mezzanine floor structure so that products can move faster. Without a conveyor system, it would take a lot of work for employees to travel significant distances.
Conveyor systems can be designed to suit many terrains and sizes of businesses. But the end goal is to keep the process running and increase productivity by reducing labor saving for employees
Conveyor systems are integrated with warehouse control systems and warehouse management systems to achieve a solution to increase production speed. The warehouse management system will track the business’s orders and automatically re-order when the amount of stock in the warehouse decreases. To do this, pallets are broken down and individually into cartons that are placed on conveyors. Cartons will have a barcode scanned at a location along the conveyor system. It will be redirected to a separate conveyor and wait to be stored.
For goods leaving the warehouse, sorting on the ground floor and sending the goods to the customer will be done using the warehouse management system. This is set up with variable parameters and automatically selects couriers based on the best rates and arranges parcels for them.

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Multi-stage conveyor solutions
– Rubber conveyor belts
– Chain conveyor
– Packing spiral conveyor
– PVC conveyor belt
– Stainless steel mesh conveyor
Cosmovina is a unit specializing in providing innovative conveyor and automation solutions for the manufacturing industry of many large and small units for many years. Each project is designed and built by us for each purpose, each need and is not constrained by the limitations of the scope of the system.
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