Summary of common forms of mechanical processing

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Summary of common forms of mechanical processing
Currently, the field of mechanical engineering is growing strongly compared to many other industries. This is mainly due to the development of more and more advanced science and technology. Processing methods are widely applied to the production process to improve product quality as well as production efficiency. So, what are the most commonly used processing methods? Cosmovina will send you a summary of the most popular forms of mechanical processing today.
What is mechanical engineering?
Mechanical processing is considered a term used quite familiarly in the mechanical industry. It demonstrates the use of machines with physical rules on materials to produce finished products with absolute precision and mass use.
With each product, machine or equipment, when finished, it has to go through different stages. And the most important stage is mechanical processing. Currently, the processing methods are divided into two main types: processing in the traditional form and processing with advanced technology.
Each machining method has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, any method brings high production efficiency.
Current forms of mechanical processing
Traditional form of processing
This is a form of machining that uses hard tools to cut metal simply and quickly to create the right finished product, exactly as required.
In traditional machining, there are many other methods such as:
CNC turning: Turning is one of the most popular mechanical processing methods today. Most machining factories use lathes as tools extensively.
Milling: is a method widely used in factories and enterprises and it accounts for 20% of the total number of tools and equipment in the factory.
Drilling: Usually used to make holes for solid workpieces
Hole: expands the holes available in the material
Drilling: is to flatten holes that have been drilled or drilled, …
Taro: is to create hole threads to meet technical standards.
Drilling: this is the method used in the machining techniques of all kinds of holes
Flat grinding: commonly used as centerless grinding, flat grinding, etc.
Processing according to modern methods
With today’s advanced technology, the processing methods have been upgraded a lot. Instead of using traditional processing methods, many factories have invested in more advanced technologies:
Mechanical method: is the method widely used today. Materials can be machined by waterjet, ultrasonic or a combination of abrasive and waterjet, etc.
Electrochemical methods: include techniques such as electrochemistry, capillary drilling, etc.
Machining method: includes milling, photochemical techniques, etc. This is mainly to optimize the product. Products in this form of processing are often cheap and do not take much to produce.
Electrothermal machining: this method can use techniques such as electric pulse grinding, electronic current, laser cutting, plasma, …
Laser processing: this is the most modern and advanced form of machining today. This machining method can work in all environments such as vacuum, gas, solid, liquid, etc. to optimize production activities.
The above information that Cosmovina wants to share with you is the common forms of machining in the mechanical field today. Hope this will be useful information for you. Cosmo Vietnam always accompanies and meets your needs!

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