What standards do you already know about food conveyor belts?

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What standards do you already know about food conveyor belts?
Food conveyors are specialized conveyors used in food processing facilities to support production and processing. But that’s also why this type of equipment needs to fully meet food safety standards.
For the food industry, conveyor belts are an indispensable supporting device in the production process. They make processing faster. However, safety is always a top priority. Because just a little carelessness will affect the whole transmission line. More seriously, if the product is not detected in time, the product is put on the market, affecting the health of consumers, the image of the business will drop. Especially for export items.
Therefore, to be able to choose for your production unit the best food conveyor belts , do not ignore the criteria that Cosmovina we give in the article below!
Criteria you need to know when choosing food conveyors
– First of all, the first criterion when you choose a food conveyor belt is the manufacturing material. Make sure that it is a material that is resistant to rust, not eaten by external influences. And most importantly, easy to clean and sanitize after use.
Therefore, you can refer to some of the most used conveyor products on the market today such as: PVC Conveyor , Stainless Steel Chain Conveyor , Plastic Chain Conveyor … Excellent corrosion resistance, not affected by the external environment. Helps prevent harmful microorganisms from adhering to the conveyor surface. So when you put food on top, you don’t have to worry about food being contaminated.
– The second standard is about productivity and stability during operation.
You certainly don’t want that, every few days, your conveyor line has problems affecting the production process, right? To avoid this incident, what you need to do is find out for yourself a reputable supplier. With genuine products, it not only ensures productivity but also ensures labor safety for workers. Moreover, for conveyor belts with clear origin, you will always have a team of technicians ready to assist you immediately when there is a problem with the machine. This not only saves businesses time and costs, but also brings high economic efficiency.
– The third standard is about the design of the product. Choose products with simple structure, easy maintenance. And most importantly, the compact design, does not take up too much space in the workshop. Bring convenience in the arrangement of workspace.
Above is an article to share about the standards you need to know when choosing a food conveyor belt. If you have any questions, please send us the information below for support and advice.
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