What is the structure and application of roller curved angle conveyor?

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How is the structure and application of roller curved corner conveyor?
Roller curved corner conveyors are widely used in wood factories, Carton paper packaging, garment factories, food processing and packaging factories. Roller curved corner conveyor deserves to be chosen by many businesses for the production & transportation process.
Today, Cosmovina will introduce to you the structure and application of roller curved angle conveyor. Check it out now!
Classification of curved angle conveyors
The classification of curved angle conveyors can be based on two factors.
Classification of curved angle conveyors according to the motor used:
Motorized Conveyor
Conveyor without motor
Classification of curved angle conveyors based on structure:
Conveyor angle diverter
Conveyor belt curved angle 90 degrees – 180 degrees
Curved chain conveyor, profiled aluminum
Stainless steel corner conveyor
Free roller curved angle conveyor
Conveyor structure of roller curved angle
Conveyor frame: made from stainless steel, stainless steel, profiled aluminum. The conveyor manufacturer has processed it with bearing bars, creating a stable and solid product.
The conveyor foot frame is fitted with a height increaser, which is very suitable for linking with other types of conveyors.
Screw geared motor and speed control degree.
Roller diameters are 38, 50, 60, 76.9(mm)… Tapered rollers will be designed and manufactured according to the weight and size of the material you want to transport.
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Advantages of roller curved angle conveyor
The curved corner conveyor system has the biggest advantage of being compact, helping to optimize the space used. Suitable for factories and workshops with limited area.
Bringing high economic efficiency to the unit transporting goods and materials for production.
Move flexibly with angles of 45 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees, 180 degrees, supporting maximum product transportation.
Has very good oil resistance, anti-corrosion, anti-static ability.
Can effectively and conveniently coordinate with many other types of conveyors.
How roller curved angle conveyor works
Conveyor roller curved angle is installed incline to create suitable slope, product transport runs freely.
Conveyor roller curved angle is installed horizontally, the angle of 90 degrees must have the effect of pushing force to move the product on the roller surface.
Application of roller curved angle conveyor
Roller curved corner conveyors are applied in many fields of production and industry. Equipment used to transport products such as plastic crates, cartons, wooden pallets, consumer goods, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.
Roller curved corner conveyors are suitable for optimizing the labor space of production areas and workshops. Especially those establishments that have many lines in the working process.
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