Types of popular mechanical processing products today

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Types of popular mechanical processing products today
There are 4 types of mechanical processing products that are most popular today: jigs, molds, machine parts and household items.
Currently, mechanical processing products play an important role in almost all areas of people’s lives. These products will usually be processed from materials such as iron, steel, copper, plastic, acting wood, etc. So, we invite you to join Cosmo Vietnam to learn about the following 4 most commonly used processing items.
4 types of mechanical processing products are most commonly used today
Normally, we only know about mechanically processed products such as jigs, machine parts, etc. However, in this article we will go in-depth to learn about the function of each type as well as how recipe to create them.
And the first product we need to learn is called “jig jigs”.
Jig jigs are not only a finished product created by the mechanical process, but they are also used to make other mechanical products. This product has two main roles: to help fix the product during assembly or inspection, to determine the position of the workpiece relative to the cutting tools.
– The use of jigs will help the machine cut each detail accurately according to the drawing, thereby, creating high accuracy when assembling small parts together. In addition, the jig also supports the processing of a large number and variety of materials. Therefore, the mechanical processing of Jig jigsaw needs to be done very carefully and accurately.
Mechanical processing methods that need to use Jig jigs:
– Drilling: When you want to make holes in the surface of the material, you need to use the jig as a support tool to help keep the block of material fixed, so that you can drill in the correct position as shown in the figure below. drawing can. With this machining method, the bore is usually from 0.1mm to 80mm in diameter.
– Welding: Just like drilling, the fixture in this case also has the function of helping to fix the details so that the CNC welding machine can weld into a complete assembly.
– Processing and assembling: With complicated details, it will require skilled workers to be able to assemble them together. But this also takes a lot of time. However, with the help of jigs, this work can be completed in a short time and with extremely high accuracy.
– Milling: Similar to the above drilling and welding methods, here the fixture will help fix the block of material to support the CNC milling machine to perform cutting according to the design.
– Molds are simply understood as tools used to shape products by the profiling method. The use of molds will help us to create products that are uniform in both size and shape and accuracy.
– Currently, there are 4 processing methods commonly used to make products with molds: casting, stamping, compression and pressing. Depending on the unique properties of each product, the mold can be used one or more times to produce complete components and details.
Machine details
– Machining of machine parts is the creation of simple to complex parts used to complete machine part assemblies. These details will be shaped, cut and finished with a variety of materials such as steel, iron, plastic, stainless steel… with ease that manual methods are difficult to do. This machining method also has faster execution time and higher accuracy, especially when manufacturing machine parts of complex machines.
To create complete machine parts, workers need to apply the following mechanical processing methods:
+ Turning, milling, planing, grinding: this method is used to process and cut materials.
+ Drilling, reaming, reaming, tapping: After drilling holes in the workpiece, people are afraid to use machines to drill holes to help widen the hole size. And reaming is a finishing method, applied to holes after drilling, boring and turning. Finally, the tapping method is used to process hole threads.
Consuming items
Mechanically processed products used in daily life must be mentioned such as: furniture, metal decorations, door handle textures… these are all items with very high aesthetics.
With these household items, factory units can use processing methods such as turning, milling, planing, grinding…
Another advantage is that these mechanical processing items are extremely diverse in terms of materials depending on customer requirements, such as:
+ Metals: Iron, Young Iron; Steel
+ Organic materials: PE plastic, PVC plastic, Wood, Rubber, Polymer, …
+ Composite material: Composite.
These are all materials that are considered to be highly durable.
Above is an article that introduces the products commonly used in mechanical processing as well as the production methods of this type of product.

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