Overview of cnc technology in precision mechanical machining

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Overview of cnc technology in precision mechanical machining
Precision mechanical machining is becoming one of the most popular types of machining today thanks to the application of CNC technology.
Currently, the mechanical processing industry thanks to the application of cnc technology (computer-based automatic technology) to better support product processing. However, there are still many people who do not know the specifics of this new technology.
Therefore, today, Cosmovina we would like to send you an overview article about cnc technology. Thereby, we hope that, with the sharing that we give, it will be helpful for you.
Overview of cnc technology in precision mechanical machining
Overview of cnc technology in mechanical processing
According to wikipedia : “CNC – stands for Computer(ized) Numerical(ly) Control(led) – refers to the computer control of other machines for the purpose of production (with nature) repeating) complex metal (or other) parts, using programs written in specialized symbols according to the EIA-274-D standard, commonly known as G-codes. CNCs were developed. in the late 1940s and early 1950s at MIT’s Servomechanism Laboratory.”
Advantages and disadvantages of CNC technology
CNC machining gives very good accuracy and repeatability, and can produce parts with very small tolerances, suitable for high-end requirements.
CNC materials have excellent and uniform physical properties in different environments and are suitable for most engineering applications.
CNC machining is the most cost effective manufacturing method for producing metal parts in low or medium quantities (from sample production to mass production up to 1000 units).
Due to the nature of CNC machining, which removes material from the workpiece, some shapes are very expensive or impossible to produce.
The starting cost of CNC machining is high due to the investment in machinery
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Above is an article to share information related to cnc technology in mechanical processing. If you have any questions, please contact us using the information below for support.

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