Learn the popular types of mechanical milling cutters

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Learn the popular types of mechanical milling cutters
Milling is the most common metal cutting process today. Milling and mechanical milling is a concept that is not too strange for mechanical brothers, but for outsiders, not everyone knows. So to learn more about the types of milling cutters used today, please refer to the article below
1. What is a mechanical milling cutter?
– A mechanical milling cutter is a tool consisting of a combination of several working blades.
– The milling cutter is one of the most versatile metal cutting tools available today, with high performance, smooth surface of the workpiece, meeting the most stringent technical standards in the main mechanical processing industry. corpse.
2. Uses of mechanical milling cutters?
– This cutting tool is often used to cut many different materials such as alloy steel, high-speed steel, ductile steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum …
– Currently, alloy mechanical milling cutters are capable of cutting steels with hardness up to 70 HRC.
Mechanical end mills can be used for rough milling before being put into finishing, greatly shortening machining time and saving costs.
3. Popular types of mechanical milling cutters
– Hand holder milling knife
– Holder holder Knife
– Bridge Milling Knife
– Chilling Knife

– Milling Knife
– Swallow-tail Milling Knife
– 3 cutton millling Knife
– Discriver milling Knife
– Milling Knife modul
– Angle milling Knife

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