Installing a retractable conveyor to transfer goods to a quality vehicle

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Installing a shrinkage conveyor to transfer goods to a quality vehicle
The shrinkage conveyor is an effective solution for loading and unloading. They are commonly found in shipping areas at warehouses, manufacturing sites, and many other locations. Conveyor belts are widely used in distribution centers, logistics receiving, ports, airports, warehouses, etc.
What is a Shrink Conveyor?
The Shrink conveyor belt is a conveyor belt that can be easily changed in length flexibly thanks to the chain drive mechanism. Conveyor belt has high technology, can lift goods onto Containers, heavy trucks without using human power to carry.
The benefit of using a retractable conveyor is increased efficiency in handling goods in loading and unloading the vehicle. Conveyor belts can be extended, pulling goods for easy loading or unloading. After loading the goods, the conveyor belt can be shortened for easy stowing and use in the next time.
Structure of shrinkage conveyor
Shrinkage conveyor are made of steel with many different components including:
– The control cabinet is fitted with an inverter to adjust the speed and length of the conveyor.
– The motor drives the length of the conveyor belt and the transmission motor of the conveyor
– Two transmission traction chains
– Active Roller and Passive Roller
– Support frame or frame made of steel.
Advantages of shrinkage conveyor to transfer goods to the vehicle
Compared with other types of conveyors, the shrink conveyor has the following advantages:
– The retractable conveyor frame is designed with high strength, good resistance and can work in many different environmental conditions.
– Capable of transporting many different product lines such as blocks, bags, .. With many flexible weight levels
Stable operation, high reliability, low noise.
– Easy to maintain and repair when there is a problem
– Save labor costs, only need 1 to 2 people to lift and unload goods
– Save time, improve production efficiency
– Conveyors do not take up much space of warehouses and factories
– Conveyor belts can reach many different locations in trucks and containers.
– Improve productivity, transport goods safely and efficiently
Installing a retractable conveyor to transfer goods to a quality vehicle
The retractable conveyor for transporting goods to the vehicle belongs to the professional lifting conveyor product line assembled by COSMOVINA to deliver to customers. This is a safe, effective solution for transporting goods at height. With many outstanding advantages that we will mention on the retractable conveyor belt, which is very popular in industrial plants. Depending on the purpose of use, Cosmo will provide you with the most optimal, safe and economical solution.
Reasons why you should choose Cosmovina:
– Consulting, quick quotation, Customers need us to consult and survey directly.
– Good price.
– Design, manufacture and install in accordance with the needs of the customer, in the right detail to every millimeter.
– We deliver and install to your factory for free.
– Our service is 24/7.
– Equipment and materials we only cooperate with leading manufacturers and prestige in the world.
– Fast delivery time.
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