Get precision mechanical processing in Hanoi: Milling – Turning – CNC wire cutting

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Precision mechanical processing in Hanoi
Precision mechanical processing in Hanoi provided by Cosmovina not only gives customers the best service but also comes with quality that is always guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding guests. .

If before, when it comes to mechanical processing, people immediately think of iron and steel, related to manual jobs such as turning, milling, planing, welding… Now, with advances in science, In engineering, experts have invented and launched machines such as: laser mechanical processing machines, mechanical processing by cnc machines to help people save a lot of time and effort. With easy usage. The worker only needs to program the operations on the computer system. After that, the material to be processed will be cut accurately, with high sharpness, shine, smoothness, and no serrations, etc., resulting in finished products that are not only durable but also extremely aesthetically pleasing.
At COSMOVINA VIETNAM, we have the ability to process products with small diameters from 0.5mm to 20mm with quantities from 1 to millions of products with high precision tolerances achieved: ±0.005mm for lathes. CNC from all kinds of metal and plastic.

Precision mechanical processing has long become our strength at Cosmovina . Thanks to the effective support from modern machines and a team of well-trained and skilled engineers and workers. It is sure to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

We operate in many high-tech areas. These include: space organization, financial resources, medicine, cars, motorcycles, electronics, telecommunications, optics, micro-mechanics, home appliances…
The mechanical processing methods must include:

– CNC machining: Milling, wire cutting EDM.

– Machining: Turning, milling, welding, planing, flat grinding, round grinding.

– Batch processing

In addition, we also process items such as:

– Small round details such as: Pin, shaft, silver, mayor, …

– Material:

+ Alloy steel: S45C, S50C, SKD61, SKD11, M2, D2.

+ Ordinary steel: CT3, SS400.

+ Anti-rust steel: SUS201, SUS304, SUS420, SUS430…

+ Non-ferrous metal products: copper, brass, aluminum, titanium.

+ Plastic: POM, PE, MC, teflon (PTFE), HDPE.

+ Non-metallic products: Plastic POM, PU, ​​PE, .. Often details from cork.

+ Types of molds for production on request.

Additional support services such as:

– Plating: Chrome plated, black dyed, powder coated

– Heat treatment: Vacuum, volumetric, high frequency (surface hardening only).
In the current market trend, fierce competition with each other. We understand that just providing customers with quality products is not enough. It must also be accompanied by services and commitments such as: ensuring accurate delivery time, always exploring and improving production activities to bring customers the best price.

With many years of experience and a strong position in the industry, built by the trust and imagination of customers. Therefore, we have been and will make more efforts to bring to our customers the products with the best quality and price and the best service.

“If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together”

Cosmovina hopes that it can be your companion on the path of development forever!
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