Conveyor systems are used in which industries and fields?

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Conveyor systems are applied in which industries and fields?
Industrial conveyor belts are a special creation with very high applicability. Instead of using human power to transport, it is both time-consuming and costly to hire workers. Conveyor system was born to help save a lot of time, effort and money for the factory.
1. What is Conveyor System?
Conveyor system is a combination of mechanical and assembled equipment, scientifically designed for application in transporting goods and materials. Conveyor system helps to transport quickly and bring high work efficiency.
Advantages of conveyor system:
Conveyor frame is made of high-strength material. Usually stainless steel, aluminum profiles. Chains are designed in a variety of materials to provide a high degree of conformity.
The ability to save maximum energy
Can load goods of small to large weight, from food to heavy industrial products.
Quality conveyor systems are less prone to damage and problems in operation.
2. Application of conveyor system in industry
Conveyor systems have many types to meet the diverse needs of use and transportation of many different industries. Here are some of the most used conveyor systems today.
Roller Conveyor System
Roller conveyor systems are widely used in the automobile – motorcycle manufacturing and assembly industries, food production, medical equipment and devices, transportation – packaging – product packing.
Roller conveyors are designed to transport a wide range of products over a variety of terrains or tight spaces. In the roller conveyor system, there are types such as folding roller conveyors, curved roller conveyors, lifting roller conveyors, … Conveyors are connected together by accessories or screws, to create smooth operating system.
PU . Conveyor System
PU conveyor belts have frames made from stainless steel or industrial aluminum profiles, conveyor belts made from Polyurethane. This is a material that is more elastic than rubber, more durable than metal. Has oil resistance, tear resistance, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance many times higher than rubber.
PU conveyor system is applied in many fields and industries. But the most common is in the food processing and seafood industry.
Mesh Conveyor System
Mesh conveyor system has good heat resistance, high flexibility, so it is applied in many industries. Mesh conveyor belts are widely used in food processing, agricultural product drying, etc. Besides, they are applied in industries such as metal packaging, plastic packaging, textile industry, etc.
The use of mesh conveyor brings high economic efficiency, saving production costs.
3. Where to order quality conveyor systems, good prices?
You should find a reputable professional conveyor system supplier, designer and installer for advice on products suitable for the job, quality assurance, and affordable prices.
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