Construction and installation of conveyor belts in accordance with the needs of use

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Construction and installation of conveyor belts in accordance with the needs of use
In the era of industrialization and modernization, machines are often used to replace human power. Industrial conveyor belts are a top choice for many businesses in the manufacturing process. In order for customers to better understand the process of constructing and assembling conveyor belts, CS-TECH sends a few shares below.
General information about conveyor systems
Conveyor i is a device that conveys products and materials to move goods from one location to another at a fast speed and without consuming labor. Currently, conveyor belts are made with many different materials and extremely diverse types.
The application of conveyor and conveyor systems in production brings many benefits to businesses such as: saving labor, improving productivity and many other benefits.
Conveyor design construction process
A typical conveyor system will include a conveyor frame, conveyor belts, rollers and a controller.
Conveyor frame: Usually made of aluminum profile, electrostatic steel or stainless steel
– Conveyor belt: PVC conveyor belt, PU conveyor belt, conveyor roller, .. Thickness 2mm-3mm depending on customer requirements.
– Conveyor roller system is pulled by galvanized steel or 50-60-76-89-102
– Conveyor system controller including inverter, Sensor, timer, sensor, PLC, ..
– Operation: Chain drive or belt drive
– Motor: using geared motor, capacity from 25kW – 2.2KW
Industrial applications of conveyor belts
Each conveyor will be used in a different conveying environment, so understanding the applications of each type of conveyor is extremely important. Owning the right conveyor system, right to the needs and nature of the job is an extremely important strategy. The applications of conveyor belts can be mentioned as follows:
– Using conveyor belts in industries: assembling electronic devices, automobiles, ..
– In the food production, pharmaceutical, medical, ..
– In the textile, footwear, cosmetic industries
– Use in the food industry: fresh, dried, canned, ..
– Used to transport goods, pack food
– It is an important system for application, transportation, division, selection and classification in the field of logistics.
Some popular types of conveyors today
Chain conveyors : are commonly used in the food industry, especially the automotive industry. The use of this conveyor system will help convey auto parts through paint factories. In addition, chain conveyors are also commonly used in metal finishing or in the industrial distribution industry.
– Roller conveyor : widely used in the food processing industry. It is responsible for transporting and supporting goods. Usually conveyor belts will be suitable for many uses, conveyor designers produce many
– Conveyor drying : used to dry agricultural foods. Widely applied in production and can shorten the drying time and achieve high uniformity of product quality.
– PU conveyor belt : is a conveyor line used to transport in the food industry. PU conveyor belt is designed to ensure food hygiene and safety and has absolute anti-adhesion ability.
Customers who have needs about construction and installation of conveyor systems, please contact Cosmovina.

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