CNC milling at Cosmo Vietnam

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CNC milling at Cosmo Vietnam
CNC milling is a modern mechanical processing technology, specialized for manufacturing parts, components, molds and mechanical products. Finding a mechanical processing unit is not difficult, but choosing a reputable unit is not easy. With long-term experience in this field, Cosmovina deserves to be a name for customers to refer and trust. Let’s find out what CNC Milling at Cosmovina is worth for you to choose!
1. What is CNC milling?
CNC milling is an important part of mechanical machining . This stage is almost all mechanical workshops have to perform. CNC milling is a mechanical milling method applied by CNC machine technology.
CNC milling machine can meet the processing of most products (except for too large sizes), from complex to simple in short machining time, high precision speed. The machine is capable of cutting a variety of metal materials such as iron, steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, etc. The gas worker needs to pre-program the cutting program into the intelligent computer system.
2. Outstanding advantages of CNC milling
Cutting speed: Compared with manual milling, the cutting speed of CNC milling machines is much faster. Most mechanical workshops now apply CNC milling machines to reduce machining time and increase the number of products for the market. Thereby promoting the development of businesses and units.
Cutting capacity: Thanks to a detailed, pre-programmed system; CNC milling machine has the ability to cut absolute precision. With multi-function cutters, CNC milling machines can cut materials straight, circular or any cut to create a variety of products.
Operating time: CNC milling machines can operate continuously for a long time and still ensure the quality of each product and machine part.
3. Cosmovina’s CNC Milling Service
Introducing Cosmo Vietnam
Cosmovina Vietnam Joint Stock Company – Cosmovina is one of the leading prestigious units specializing in CNC milling , CNC turning , precision mechanical processing . With many years of operation in the field of manufacturing, manufacturing and processing machine parts. We ensure to complete products with high precision and aesthetics, in accordance with the requirements and purposes of customers.
Thanks to modern CNC precision machining methods, we ensure machine parts with high precision, negligible tolerances, ISO standards, and high durability.
Process of receiving CNC milling at Cosmovina
Step 1: Receive customer’s drawings and requirements.
Step 2: Get a consultation & quote, analyze the options and make a plan.
Step 3: Agree on the most optimal solution.
Step 4: Conduct CNC milling
Step 5: Check and edit before handing over the product.
With the motto of putting quality and prestige to make a brand, Cosmovina wishes to bring the best CNC machining services at competitive prices in the market. Let us accompany the growth of your business.
For advice and more information about the process of receiving processing on request, please contact:
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Phone: – Hotline: 0932.488.998
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