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Pressure casting – a method that brings outstanding efficiency to industrial mechanics
Casting is one of the most effective forming methods. Based on the material, product texture and technical requirements, you can choose from different molding technologies. In particular, pressure casting is the most popular and widely used advanced casting method today.

Outstanding advantages that pressure casting technology brings

Pressure casting is a very efficient, fully automated production method of casting castings that offers high precision and surface finish of castings. The output of castings made by pressure casting currently accounts for the largest proportion of casting methods. In particular, the simplicity and few steps in pressure casting open up great prospects for automating entire production processes.
Using the pressure casting method, it is possible to cast castings into very thin walls, even under 1mm. When casting, due to the large mold filling speed, high pressure acting on liquid metal, rapid cooling of the metal mold, the organization of the casting is always small, smooth and tight. This will bring high productivity and improved working conditions. Metal molds can be reused many times, resulting in significant cost savings.
Pressure casting technology has a wide range of applications. You can use it to cast small castings of the right shape and texture, mass production.

In addition, alloys commonly used for pressure casting are selected according to their chemical composition, usage properties and technological properties. Note, the alloy also needs to have good fluidity, not adhere to the mold and have a stable chemical composition when kept for a long time in the furnace.

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Prestigious and quality pressure casting service provider

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