Applications of chamfers in mechanical processing

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Applications of chamfers in mechanical processing
The steel chamfer is also known as the hole chamfer and is used to chamfer the sharp edge of the hole after drilling. Follow the article below to learn more about this beveled nose tool.

What is a beveled nose?
There are many names for steel beveled bits such as: beveling knife, slanting nose, flared bit, chamfering drill bit, hole reamer, etc., used in supporting the machining of mechanical products.

Material, substance
Made of high quality and sturdy wind steel material, with good impact resistance.

– Has good resistance

– Withstands impacts without worrying about deformation

– Good heat resistance

– Adaptable to work in harsh environments

– No rust due to fine workmanship

– Sharp drill bit

– Long lifespan

– When drilling, the hole is smooth, sharp and sharp.

The application of the beveled tip
Used for drilling and chamfering at the same time on CNC machines or specialized machines: boom drills, magnetic drills, machine tools, hand drills, mechanical processing machines…

Mainly used for mechanical processing for DIY products, making toys, scraping edges to screw negative into iron, wood, cast iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel materials…

The steel bevel is applied from nanotechnology and is coated with titanium, so it has a longer service life than conventional ones.

Notes when using
– The chamfer tip should not be used in excess of the allowable capacity

When drilling, do not use too much force or press too hard and not too light. Use sufficient force to perform machining. Because if you use too much force, it will cause overload, leading to the nose being squirted and broken. On the other hand, if it is used too lightly, the cutting time is long, the use is inefficient and it is quickly blunted.

During the implementation, it is necessary to water the cooling solution to reduce the heat generated and regularly lubricate the beveled knife tip.

Where to buy steel bevel?
Cosmovina is a distributor of genuine imported steel bevel drill bits. We supply high quality chamfering bits and use flexible machining that are compatible with a wide variety of drilling machines. Please contact the hotline for advice on choosing the right product for your needs

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