Application of vertical conveyor in production

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Application of vertical conveyor in production
Vertical conveyors help solve the problem of transporting goods vertically. Therefore, they are quite popularly applied in businesses. However, this is a specialized conveyor belt, not all fields can be used. Let’s find out some characteristics and practical applications of vertical conveyors!

Structure of vertical conveyor

Vertical conveyor is composed of components such as conveyor frame, conveyor belt, conveyor roller, inverter control unit. In general, the parts are not much different from conventional industrial conveyors.
Each part is carefully designed and machined, highly durable and very sturdy. Conveyor frames are usually made from stainless steel, 304 stainless steel or profiled aluminum. Conveyor belts are usually made from PVC, rubber, etc. Ensure smooth, fast and safe operation.
Vertical conveyor also has a main vertical shaft and supporting and lifting hands. They run along the ellipse cyclically. Goods are brought up or transported down quickly.
Application of vertical conveyor

True to the name, this is a type of conveyor used to transport goods from one point to another vertically. Thanks to vertical conveyors , factories and enterprises can be flexible in production. Thereby increasing labor productivity and saving maximum transportation time.

Vertical conveyors can be combined with other types of conveyors to facilitate production. For example, one can add a horizontal roller conveyor to facilitate the distribution of goods on the floors in the warehouse.

Vertical conveyors transport a variety of goods such as crates, cans, bottles, wooden trays, bags, buckets, etc. With a sturdy design, vertical conveyors absolutely ensure the safety of goods. No impact, deformation during loading.
Some outstanding advantages of vertical conveyors

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To convince the majority of businesses and customers; Vertical conveyor has some advantages as follows:
– The conveyor belt design and structure is simple, easy to use, install, transport and maintain.
– Conveyor belt has high durability, good resistance
– The vertical conveyor makes the feeding system more smooth after stable operation for a long time.
– Wide range of conveyor sizes, used in many cases. Especially in the case of transporting goods from the bottom to the top or from the top to the bottom with extremely high altitude.
– Save time and effort when transporting materials up high. Limit the phenomenon of slippery when transporting goods. Ensure goods are intact.
– Space saving, suitable for most production scale. Especially useful for businesses with limited space.
– Large load capacity, diverse types of goods to be transported.
Using vertical conveyors in production and business brings many benefits to production and transportation enterprises. With this sharing, hopefully readers have gained more useful information about this type of specialized conveyor.
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