Xingfa aluminum door arch bending mechanical processing

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Xingfa aluminum door arch bending mechanical processing
Mechanical processing of bending aluminum arches Xingfa is used a lot in projects such as villas, resorts, hotels…
Doors are considered an important part of every house. Not only plays the role of helping to separate the rooms, creating ventilation for the house, preventing theft. The door is also one of the highlights that create the aesthetic of the house.
If in the past, everyone was only used to doors made of wood. However, wood is often very expensive. That is why, people have invented a material to make new doors to replace wood, still ensuring the aesthetics but at a much cheaper price. That is xingfa aluminum.
Therefore, in this article, Cosmo Vietnam will introduce to you ” Xingfa aluminum arch bending mechanical processing service “. We invite you to follow along.
Learn about Xingfa aluminum
Xingfa Aluminum is the leading aluminum brand in structural aluminum used for assembly in the construction fields around the world. Rated as high-grade aluminum in the Top 4 best aluminum door materials today.
Thanks to the special design, the inside of the aluminum bar has an empty cavity with sole ribs, the aluminum body has a thickness of 1.4 – 3.5mm, making the entire door block more solid. In addition, Xingfa aluminum doors are also covered with a high-grade outdoor powder coating, so when installed in places with the harshest climate conditions, they still retain their color and do not oxidize when encountering wet weather.
Xingfa aluminum door system not only has high aesthetics but also safety, durability, sound insulation, heat insulation and absolute water resistance, rich in design, soft and flexible opening and closing, easy to clean and maintain. Less maintenance required during use.
In addition, you can refer to some other applications of aluminum in the mechanical processing industry through the article: ” CNC aluminum mechanical processing – fabrication: aluminum extrusion, auto parts, motorcycles, spare parts ”
Learn about arched aluminum doors and current arched aluminum systems
To create a complete set of aluminum arched doors, we have to use aluminum bars that are bent to the shape required by the customer, and have to design them so that they can be installed with tempered glass. & accessory.
At Cosmo Vietnam , with the desire to bring to customers the best quality bending door products, we often use high-grade and intermediate aluminum. This type of aluminum has aluminum bar thickness from 1.0mm, 1.2mm or more.
What are the characteristics of Xingfa arch bending aluminum doors?
High-quality Xingfa aluminum material is flexible, so it is easy to bend, join to shape according to requirements. Besides, the bending aluminum door made of Xingfa material also has outstanding advantages such as:
Compared with ordinary aluminum doors, Xingfa aluminum doors are considered to have good soundproofing, heat insulation, and outstanding durability.
High and luxurious aesthetics, diverse designs, can be suitable for all different architectural themes from classic to modern.
Although it is an imported aluminum door system. But Xingfa aluminum doors still have the same warranty, maintenance and commitment policy as domestic aluminum.
– Because the degree is highly appreciated for its laterality and aesthetics. So this type of aluminum is used more and more popular. But. This also means that Xingfa aluminum is counterfeited a lot. Therefore, customers need to consider carefully in choosing a service provider for themselves.
Customers and partners who have demand for Xingfa bending aluminum door service, please contact us immediately by phone: – Hotline: 0932.488.998 for free consultation, as well as Proposing the most cost-optimized solutions.

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