Why should you choose to use SPG engine?

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Why should you choose to use the SPG engine?
SPG engine comes from Korean brand. Its products are not only supplied to large domestic enterprises such as Samsung and LG, but are now also exported to 21 countries around the world.

COSMO VIETNAM COMPANY is proud to be the exclusive distributor of gear motor products from the Korean SPG brand.

I. About the Korean SPG brand

Korean brand SPG is famous for 2 main product lines: SPG motor and Gear motor. Currently, this brand is present in 21 countries around the world. Occupying a large market share in difficult markets such as the US and EU. Thanks to the outstanding product quality, its SPG engine always meets strict technical standards, durable operation and high reliability. Therefore, for many years in a row, this product has always been in the top of the best-selling products and has become the first choice in the business field of many businesses.
II. Why should you choose SPG engine?

– SPG has long been known as the leading transmission product in Korea. It is a product chosen and trusted by many domestic and foreign companies. Especially the leading technology corporations in the world such as Samsung, LG, …

– Not only achieved product quality certifications in Korea such as: ISO, CE, KS, KCC but also recognized by prestigious long-standing European organizations.

– Not encapsulated in a certain product. SPG’s gear box motor products are diverse in types from 6w – 3.7Kw, from 01 phase to 3 phase, 50Hz – 60Hz, type with speed adjustment, with brake or without brake.

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– Product quality is assessed as stable. Does not get hot like other similar products on the market thanks to the optimal cooling system

– Reasonable table price

– High durability, great working efficiency

– Smooth operation and withstand large loads

Thanks to the digital signal controller and the blower system integrated inside the engine. So the SPG motor can control the speed easily and operate with high intensity.
Because it is a diverse product in terms of capacity as well as many different transmission ratios. So if you have a need for a product, please contact us immediately with the information below so that our consultant team can advise you in the best way.

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