What types of CNC turning tools are commonly used?

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What types of CNC turning tools are commonly used?
CNC turning tools are cutting tools used on CNC lathes, used to shape parts by turning machining. The types of turning tools are very diverse, meeting many different machining needs.

Construction of CNC turning tools
The structure of a CNC lathe tool consists of two main parts: the handle (body) and the cutting part (or the tool head).

The cut includes:

Front: chips will exit along this side.
Back face (or close face): includes the main back (facing the workpiece’s machined surface) and the auxiliary back (facing the machined surface of the workpiece).
The cutting edge part: usually uses standard knife pieces (or inserts) to form, including the main blade, the auxiliary blade and the tip. The tip can be pointed or have radius R.
The shank is designed for the purpose of clamping the tool in the tool holder. The rolling part is classified into many different types.
Each type performs separate tasks, which can be divided into:

The handle turns inside/outside.
Coarse/finished lathe handle.
Knife handle for slotting and breaking.
Hole knife handle.
The handle turns the head plane.
Threaded knife handle.
Shaped knife handle.
Anti-vibration handle.
CNC turning tools are made up of a variety of different materials, common are alloy steel, carbon steel, high-speed steel, ceramic metal, hard alloy… Whatever material is used to make turning tools, need to meet factors such as good heat resistance, high hardness, high strength and good wear resistance.

To select turning tool materials, manufacturers often choose according to turning speed. If only used for low turning speeds, only materials with high hardness and good wear resistance should be selected. If you need a fast turning speed, you need to choose materials for making turning tools that offer great heat resistance, high strength, and high hardness.

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Types of CNC turning tools
CNC turning tools appear on the market with a variety of different types. According to the function of the turning tool, people are divided into the following types of CNC turning tools:

1. External turning tool
External turning tools are mainly used for external cylindrical turning or face turning. There are two main types: straight and curved external turning tools. Depending on the machining requirements to choose the appropriate external turning tool.

2. Internal turning tool (hole turning)
Internal turning tools are divided into 2 main types: through hole (through hole) and step hole (non-through hole) turning tools. This type of CNC turning tool is usually made of hardened alloy steel (carbide) or high-speed steel (HSS) with high heat resistance.

3. Thread turning knife
One of the ways to create threads is to use a threading tool on a CNC lathe. Thread turning tools include internal threading tools, external threading tools, left threading tools and right threading tools.

4. Knife for grooving and cutting off
This type of knife is used to make grooves on cylindrical parts or to cut off unnecessary parts from the material bar. In addition to grooving and cutting tools, there are grooving and face grooving tools available.

5 Shoulder Turning Knife
The shoulder turning tool is specifically used to turn step or shoulder posts with small diameters. The shoulder turning tool is designed with an angle of φ = 90°. Includes left shoulder blade and right shoulder blade.

6. Face trimmer
Consists of straight end cutters and curved end cutters, usually made of hardened alloy steel (carbide) and mild steel (HSS). This knife can be made with an angle of φ = 90°.

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7. Hole turning tool
Specially designed for drilling holes with high stability, excellent vibration resistance to ensure hole tolerance accuracy as well as achieve beautiful finish of machined surface.

8. Profile turning tool
Profile turning tools are used for machining profiled parts in mass, mass production. Profile turning tools can be divided into several types as follows:

According to the structure there are circular knives and prismatic knives.
According to the way of attachment of the tool to the workpiece, there are radial cutters and tangential shapers.
According to the position of the tool axis and the axis of the workpiece, there are straight holders and inclined holders.
Other ways to classify turning tools
Besides classifying CNC turning tools based on function, turning tools can be classified based on other factors, such as:

Classification of CNC turning tools based on tool structure includes welding tools, solid knives and serrated knives.
Classification of turning tools based on shape includes curved tools, straight tools, and cutting tools.
Classification of turning tools by turning direction has right-turning tools and left-turning tools.
Classification of turning tools based on finishing includes fine turning tools and coarse turning tools.

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