What is Pneumatic Conveyor? Application of pneumatic conveyor in industry

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What is Pneumatic Conveyor? Application of pneumatic conveyor in industry
With stable working ability, pneumatic conveyor is one of the industrial conveyor products commonly used in many different industries. Although the cost to install a pneumatic conveyor system is a bit high, thanks to its outstanding features, it can meet many problems that other types of conveyors do not have.
What is Pneumatic Conveyor?
Like conventional conveyors, pneumatic conveyors are specialized conveyors used to transport goods, but more specifically they are pneumatically used in many industries. With the ability to operate stably, ensure economic, promote the development of new technology. This is one of the effective technology transfer methods.
Classification of pneumatic conveyors
Pneumatic conveyor is classified according to its cargo pressure
– Low pressure pneumatic conveyor system
Design method:
+ Closed loop without exhaust system: used for materials with small quantity and short conveying distance. The air discharged during transportation is reused. This design method has a low investment cost, no air exhaust, no filter required, and the material is pumped directly into the silo or container.
+ Closed revolving valve with centrifugal separation of raw materials: used for bulk materials and short conveying distances. This method has the advantages of the above method, in addition, isolation is achieved by rotating feeders.
With a discharge system: This is the most economical design method when used to transport materials in large quantities and over long distances. Use a filter that includes a stationary silo, whose housing capacity corresponds to the internal pressure of the silo, or use a bag filter with a rotary valve for separation.
– High pressure conveyor systems:
Use when conveying distances and conveying materials have increased loads.
+ Components in the design: is a rotary piston fan
+ Thin and complex steel pipe to ensure the durability of the conveyor system
Advantages of pneumatic conveyor systems in industry
– Pneumatic conveyor brings high productivity, its structure is simple, so it is easy to manage and use.
Easy and stable operation even in environments with high humidity, pollution, etc.
– Simplified operating process and equipment when operating.
– Transporting goods in large quantities.
Reduces environmental pollution, besides the quiet operation helps to reduce noise pollution.
– The durability of the conveyor belt is high, saving time and labor, so it is quick to payback and helps increase business profits.
Application of pneumatic conveyor
Pneumatic conveyors are widely used in factories and construction, highways, railways, transporting granular, fibrous, flake materials, powdery materials such as sand, cement, etc. coal, rice, grain, fruit, chemical raw materials, .., with large volumes of transportation.
Above is the application of conveyor belts using pneumatic systems in industry. In addition to applications for conveyor belts, compressed air is also widely used in many fields
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