What is Heat Resistant Conveyor? Prestigious heat-resistant conveyor installation unit in Hanoi

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What is Heat Resistant Conveyor? Prestigious heat-resistant conveyor installation unit in Hanoi
Modern conveyor lines are increasingly used in production and transportation. Among them is Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt – a conveyor line that is used by many customers and businesses thanks to its superior features and safety. Let’s find out the characteristics, structure and installation of prestigious heat-resistant conveyor belts in Hanoi in this article!
1. Heat-resistant conveyor belt characteristics
Heat-resistant conveyor belts are conveyor belts with high heat resistance. The conveyor surface is heat treated and optimized to minimize cracking or hardening, aging when subjected to heat. The conveyor surface in contact with the transported product has a temperature of 500 degrees Celsius or more. Thanks to that, it is widely used in mining, metallurgy, …
On the market, heat-resistant conveyor belts are divided into two main types. It is heat resistant rubber conveyor belt and heat resistant mesh conveyor belt . Heat-resistant rubber conveyor belts have a surface made from EPDM or CHLOBUTYL synthetic rubber with a specialized heat-resistant main. Conveyor belts can transport and produce materials with temperatures from 1000 – 2000 degrees Celsius. Heat resistant mesh conveyor belts are made from PTFE mesh which is resistant to chemicals, bacteria, moisture and other toxins. High heat resistance, flexibility, very good wear resistance.
2. Structure of heat-resistant conveyor belt
Heat-resistant conveyor belt includes parts such as:
Conveyor frame: made from stainless steel, steel or powder coated iron
Conveyor mesh: made from neoprene or PTFE mesh
Geared motor
Transmission: Chain or belt drive
Pulling roller: usually made from galvanized steel or stainless steel.
3. Application of heat-resistant conveyor
Heat-resistant conveyor belts are widely used in factories that burn ore, coal, cement, iron and steel, chemicals, fertilizers, etc. In short, they are high-temperature conveying materials.
Heat-resistant conveyor belts are designed differently from other conveyors to suit heavy industry, mining, metallurgy, steelmaking, etc.
This type of conveyor is also widely used in food processing, agricultural products and seafood. Some enterprises in the field of garment and footwear also use thermal conveyors in the production process.
4. Prestigious Heat Resistant Conveyor Installer in Hanoi
Are you looking for a professional and reputable heat-resistant conveyor installation unit? Please refer to Cosmovina – one of the most prestigious addresses specializing in providing conveyor solutions in Hanoi.
“Why should you choose to install thermal conveyors at Cosmovina?”
– Simple design but reaches quality standards
– The ability to work in harsh environments, high temperatures, antioxidants
– Stable operating equipment, durable activities.
– Implementing policies to support warranty, installation and companion of enterprises in the process of manufacturing and transporting
Here, we are committed to designing and manufacturing high quality conveyor belts according to customer requirements. With the word “Mind – Trust” as the top priority in business goals, Cosmovina has provided and completed thousands of solutions for installing heat-resistant conveyor belts for Vietnamese businesses.

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Besides, we also provide a variety of conveyor systems such as chain conveyors , roller conveyors , PVC conveyor belts , curved conveyors , food conveyors , etc. With many years of experience in this field, We have contributed to the success of hundreds of manufacturing and shipping businesses in Vietnam.

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