What is a workbench? Distinguish functions and advantages of each type

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What is a workbench? Distinguish functions and advantages of each type
The operation table is an indispensable product in the process of working in manufacturing plants such as factories producing electronic components, medical equipment, semiconductors, automobile factories, etc.
Our country is moving towards an industrialized and modernized country. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to invest in industrial machinery and equipment in service of production. If, with the job of supporting transportation, we have products such as: food conveyors , conveyor belts for assembling electronic components , conveyor belts with rubber coated steel rollers …. So, to support production work, we can’t help but mention ” operation desk “.
So, what is a workbench ? What advantages and disadvantages do they have? We invite you to learn with us through the article below.
What is a workbench?

Just like any other regular desk. Working table is a working table used in the industries of electronics, semiconductors, medical equipment… Usually used in clean rooms or factories producing precision mechanics, medical equipment…

In terms of structure, the operating table is usually made from materials such as: stainless steel, powder-coated steel… Can be connected by plastic coated steel pipes combined with metal joints or plastic joints if needed. lighter load.
Similar to other industrial products, working tables are also classified into many types with different features to suit working environment conditions.
Stainless steel working table
For businesses specializing in manufacturing, packaging or assembling, the first choice will be the stainless steel workbench . We all know, Inox is inherently considered a material with good corrosion resistance and high bearing capacity. As a result, this type of table has high durability, does not rust, which is very suitable for conditions at factories.
The type of stainless steel working table has some advantages to mention as follows:
– Easy to move, the product’s characteristics are good bearing capacity, anti-static, water resistance, especially absolute heat resistance.
– Various models and sizes are designed to suit many different production areas.
– Easy to install and disassemble.
– Compact size, does not take up too much space in the workshop
Profiled aluminum working table
If the workbench made of stainless steel has good bearing capacity and high corrosion resistance, the reshaped aluminum workbench is softer than many other materials such as iron, copper, etc. therefore, they can be formed into different shapes without taking too much time to make

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The advantages of this type of product are as follows:
– When using the aluminum profile , you can assemble it easily and the weight of the product is also very light.
– Anti-rust ability and high aesthetics.
– Good anti-static properties. Anti-static is an extremely important factor in the production of electronic components. Because this affects not only the quality of the product but also the health of the workers.
Perforated clean room operating table
The perforated cleanroom operating table has a solid structure. Materials made entirely of stainless steel. Therefore, it is easy to wipe clean, in line with clean room standards. Hole size is made according to customer’s requirements. The table top is perforated to help keep the table clean from dust. The product can be easily moved with light weight.
The above is the information that we share related to the workbench. In addition, if you have a need for a product, please contact us at the information below for support and advice.
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