What is a jig? The role of jigs in precision mechanical machining

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What is a jig? The role of jigs in precision mechanical machining
Fixture is a term used in the field of mechanical processing . So what is a fixture? What role does it play in the machining process? Let’s find the answer with Cosmovina in this article!
1. What is a JIG fixture?
Jigsaw also known as JIG. These are devices used to determine the position of the workpiece relative to the cutting tool and hold the workpiece in place during mechanical processing. Fixtures are used in the machining, inspection and assembly of mechanical products.
JIG fixture has 6 main parts, including: product clamping unit, positioning unit, power transmission mechanism, rotating and grading mechanism, guide mechanism, body and base, etc. Customer’s design requirements that the jigs have different details.
The task is to position and clamp the work piece, so the fixture needs to meet the following detailed requirements:
High precision
Can install details conveniently and quickly
Keep details fixed
Must have enough hardness
The positioning elements, the guide mechanism of the tool holder must have good anti-wear properties and have a long service life.
2. The role and use of JIG jigs in mechanical processing
JIG jigs play an important role in the mechanical processing process. It helps to fix the products for inspection and assembly. Contribute to improving the level of mechanization and automation of the CNC machining process.
Fixtures have many uses to help users solve many different problems:
Fix the machine details, make sure not to move or move the product.
Locate machined parts on machinery and other equipment quickly.
Play a role in guiding drilling, cutting, reaming, etc.
Helps improve the manufacturability of highly complex parts.
Development of new technologies for machines and tools.
Contributing to reducing investment and high labor costs.
Increase the quality and quantity of processed products.
Each business will have different requirements in the design of fixtures to match the nature of their work and field.
3. Notes when choosing JIG . jigs
JIG jigs contain many advantages but also have certain disadvantages. Therefore, in the process of working, you need to pay attention to the following issues:
The jigs used in the work need to have a solid structure, good quality and ensure product quality. Especially, it must be convenient for the product mounting process so that the production process takes place most smoothly.
The jigs need to have a simple structure so that workers can easily perform, repair or replace spare parts, combined with other product lines more convenient.
Fixtures need to have a long life and durability to help the product body to be able to withstand the effects of cutting forces and not be damaged during use.
The fixture must be safe for the operator.
In addition, the fixture needs to have a highly aesthetic design to make it easy for users to use its features.
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