What is a drying conveyor? Application of drying conveyor

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What is a drying conveyor? Application of drying conveyor
The drying conveyor is an important equipment widely used in the food industry and agricultural production. Mainly related to the drying of vegetables, traditional medicine and drying of aquatic products, animal feed and materials in the form of sheets, lumps, granules, ..

What is a drying conveyor?

The drying conveyor is designed with high heat resistance, good and stable operation in harsh environments. Drying conveyor is also known as heat resistant conveyor
Structure of the drying conveyor

– The frame of the drying conveyor is usually made of aluminum, steel or stainless steel frames

– Tape made of heat-resistant PVC or PU. Depending on the material and drying temperature to choose the right ribbon

– The drying frame is designed with an extra layer of insulation with glass wool

– The drying conveyor is equipped with a heater, a temperature maintainer and stabilizer

– The safety system of the drying conveyor includes Role, siren. Only when the conveyor is running will the dryer work to ensure the safety of the belt. When the drying conveyor has a stop command, the dryer also stops working. When there is a problem, the siren unit will whistle to remind.

Application of drying conveyor

The drying conveyor is widely used in many different industries because of the convenience it brings. The drying conveyor takes up little space in warehouses and factories thanks to its compact and simple design. With the structure of the drying conveyor, it really reduces a lot of energy consumption. The drying temperature of the conveyor belt can be automatically adjusted to suit the drying material.

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True to its name, the drying conveyor is used for industries that need to dry efficiently and quickly. Conveyor belt drying is mainly used in industries such as drying food, agricultural products, seafood, animal feed, chemical industry. Applied in factories producing electronic components, auto parts, motorcycles, speakers, horns and other materials. The assembly of heat-resistant drying conveyor in the production system brings high economic efficiency

Some common types of drying conveyors are:

– The system of drying tubers and fruits by conveyor

– Agricultural product conveyor dryer

– Food conveyor dryer

– Industrial conveyor dryers

– Heat resistant drying conveyor

– Multi-stage conveyor dryer

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