What advantages does CNC technology have compared to traditional machines?

Đăng bởi noidung - 16:03 11/05/2022

What advantages does CNC technology have compared to traditional machines?
In the field of mechanical processing today, CNC technology and machining by traditional machines are two quite popular methods. Each method has its own advantages. In today’s article Cosmo Vietnam will learn with you about these two methods and their advantages.
What’s the difference between traditional machining?
Traditional forms of processing

Currently, the traditional mechanical processing method is still widely used in the industry. And with this processing method, we often see processing forms such as: Turning, milling, drilling-drilling, broaching and grinding.
With this traditional form, it is necessary to require the mechanic to have high technical and professional skills. These traditional forms of processing not only use human power but also rely heavily on machinery and equipment.
Traditional machining often does not use modern machines like CNC machining . Therefore, the products of this processing method can only meet the needs of customers to a moderate extent.
Advantages of this type of processing
The processing method with traditional machines has been around for a long time and it is not possible to have superior technologies like CNC machining. However, it still has advantages that no one is unaware of.
With this processing method, workers always need to have expertise and improve their machining skills.
The use of traditional machinery when processing will bring businesses less large investments but still ensure good products and business operations.
This method requires highly skilled workers, therefore, always produces products of excellent quality.
What is machining with CNC technology?
Information you need to know about CNC machining
With the era of following technology, grasping the most advanced technologies, consumer demand and production levels are also increasing. This also always requires businesses to have more advanced processing technologies. To get the best products for the market. And CNC machining was born and applied to products that need absolute precision. This is the decisive factor of modern and supporting industry as it is today.
The CNC machining methods we often see as:
CNC milling: this form of machining by milling machines from the cutting movements of the milling cutter and drill
CNC turning: this form is used for machining circular cylinders
CNC gas, plasma, and laser processing: this form of machining is quite advanced, they do not need to be in direct contact with the material, but use heat to cut metal.
Advantages of CNC technology in mechanical processing
Processing method according to CNC technology is a method of processing the most modern of today with many advantages compared to working with traditional machinery.
Machining by CNC technology can create products with complex shapes and absolute accuracy. Even very small details can be cut exactly to the required millimeter.
CNC machining can work on most materials without using too much force.
CNC technology can create high precision, product surface is always smooth, smooth and glossy.
Besides, with this modern technology, it is possible to save a lot of production costs as well as cutting tools, ..
When using CNC technology in machining, the utilization rate of workpieces is increased and waste is minimized
With state-of-the-art technology, it can automatically operate based on pre-built programming.
Comparison between CNC technology and traditional machines
From the above information, CNC technology is currently the method to catch up with the trend because they were born later. Talking about accuracy, CNC machining always brings maximum efficiency and higher accuracy than traditional machines.
Products made of traditional processing machines are still widely used in industry today. This proves that nothing can replace traditional mechanical machining.
The information that Cosmovina has just brought you information to help you have an accurate view of CNC machining and traditional machining. This information is expected to be useful information for your business. Cosmo Vietnam always accompanies you!

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