Top 3 types of rollers commonly used on the market today

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Top 3 types of rollers commonly used on the market today
Rollers are used for support during the transportation of goods. Besides, they are also used a lot in conveyors with the effect of supporting, not letting the conveyor sag and the ability to change the length of the conveyor.
In the past, transporting goods at enterprises always required a large amount of labor. Now, thanks to the help of the roller system, moving goods and materials has become much faster and easier.
However, in the current roller system, there are many different types. To help customers better understand this transmission product line. Cosmovina we would like to summarize information related to 5 types of rollers that are being used very commonly on the market today.
3 types of rollers are commonly used on the market today
Synthesize 3 types of rollers that are commonly used on the market today
The 3 most commonly used roller types today include:
Rubber coated roller
Compared with other types of rollers, rubber coated rollers have advantages that are considered superior, such as:
– The roller has good wear resistance and adhesion resistance, low coefficient of friction, the service life can be increased by 1 to 2 times.
– Anti-static ability, anti-aging and high mechanical strength. Therefore, for products such as conveyor belts, rubber coated steel rollers are often used in electronic component assembly workshops.
– During operation, there is no noise and especially the service life of this type of roller is also very high.
– In addition to the good heat resistance of rubber, you can use this type of roller in the temperature environment below 100°C.
– For conveyor belts, rubber rollers also contribute to increasing the durability as well as the life of the conveyor belt.
PU plastic roller
This type of roller is made from the main material which is PU plastic. So, let’s learn about the properties of this plastic together!
PU plastic is a compound made from PU synthetic resin with high durability and rubber-like properties, so it is also known as artificial rubber. PU plastic is improved from the main raw material of pre-polymer.
Polyurethane is an elastic material, has higher strength than rubber, is tough and durable, the hardness is quite wide. In addition, PU plastic also has oil resistance, tear resistance, scratch resistance and abrasion resistance many times higher than rubber. As for ordinary plastic, PU plastic has very good elasticity and impact resistance.
With the above advantages, we can partly see why this type of roller is so popular, right?
Stainless Steel Roller
Stainless steel rollers have good hardness, wear resistance, and rust resistance, suitable for production lines in food processing plants.
– The roller has the ability to adapt to all working environmental conditions due to its high resistance to oxidation.
– Good bearing capacity
– Suitable for rollers that directly transport goods
– Make the transportation process simple and easy
– Save transportation costs, and workers’ labor.
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