Things to know about screw conveyors

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Things to know about screw conveyors
Screw conveyors are industrial conveyor systems used to transport goods that are very popular today. They have appeared and improved since a long time. Today’s screw conveyor system has been greatly improved in terms of technical design, characteristics and structure.
Structure and Working principle of screw conveyor
Screw conveyors include screw and screw conveyors designed in the form of pipes or open troughs. The screw with the blades is designed to rotate around the shaft and transport the goods horizontally or at an angle of 15-20 degrees.
The screw system of the conveyor belt works by means of a traction motor that moves the screw and the screw blade rotates, pushing the loose materials to move in the trough according to the movement of the conveyor blade. The direction of material movement will depend on the direction of the screw. If the screw changes direction, the goods will also move.
Materials conveyed on screw conveyors are characterized by loose form, difficult to concentrate and non-adherent. It is not too large in size, usually powdered or granular goods.
Some advantages and disadvantages of screw conveyor systems
– Advantages: screw conveyor has a simple structure, transporting goods at an inclined angle. The design has a compact structure, does not take up much space of the workshop, the system is simple to operate, easy to clean and disassemble. The material is transferred in a loose, granular system that is transported in a closed trough, safe, without spillage and without affecting the environment.
For example: Flour, cement, ..
– Disadvantages: may create layering during movement, strong inversion of the screw. Large materials may break during movement. The length of the screw is short, it is necessary to connect to the system to ensure safety.
Design and specifications of screw conveyors
The design of screw conveyors meets the production and operation requirements of enterprises. including requirements on load, cargo characteristics, operating capacity, ..

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Some notes on the specifications:
– The angle of inclination of the screw is not more than 30 degrees
The length of the screw should not exceed 20 degrees
– Rotation speed of screw conveyor from 50-250 rpm
– Diameter of trough – screw vane
– The pitch of the propeller blades and the minimum distance between the two blades
Screw conveyors are designed based on business requirements. With different capacity and performance requirements, users also need to pay attention to different screw design.
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