The number 1 professional fiberglass conveyor installation unit in Vietnam

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The number 1 professional fiberglass conveyor installation unit in Vietnam
Cosmovina is proud to be the number 1 prestigious installation of Fiberglass Conveyors in Vietnam market. We make constant efforts to bring high quality products and practical applications. So what are the outstanding features and applications of Cosmovina ‘s Fiberglass Conveyor to attract customers’ trust?
1. What is Fiberglass Conveyor?
Fiberglass conveyor belt is also known as drying mesh conveyor. This type of conveyor belt is designed from fiberglass mesh (PTFE) and coated with Teflon. Because of its very good surface treatment, fiberglass conveyor belts are mainly applied in high-temperature production environments, with good wear resistance.
Fiberglass mesh is a flexible inorganic substance with good thermal and electrical insulation properties. Therefore, it is common to install this conveyor belt in factories. Specifically in the footwear and textile industries, fiberglass conveyors have the function of steaming or drying items and products.
2. What are the advantages of Cosmovina’s fiberglass conveyor belt?
+ Conveyor frame is made from profiled aluminum, steel or 304 stainless steel. Ensures certainty, has a large load capacity, and transports large volumes of goods quickly.
+ Fiberglass conveyor belts have very good anti-static, wear-resistant and heat-resistant properties.
+ The temperature can withstand from -70 to 260 degrees Celsius.
+ High resistance to oxidation and corrosion. As a result, the conveyor belt has a longer service life.
+ Cosmovina fiberglass conveyor does not contain toxins, 100% safe for users.
+ Simple structure, easy control, stable operation for many hours.
+ Smooth operation, no noise.
3. The number 1 prestigious installation unit of Fiberglass Conveyor nationwide
With many years of experience and becoming a pioneer in the field of industrial conveyor installation, Cosmovina is confident to bring good quality products, suitable to customer requirements and the best price in the market.
Cosmovina specializes in providing all kinds of conveyors such as plastic chain conveyors , roller conveyors , mini conveyors , rubber conveyors , food conveyors , twist conveyors, multi-level conveyors , etc. We have consulted and supported support installation of conveyor belts serving production business for thousands of businesses in Vietnam.
Regarding Fiberglass Conveyors , it is “rarely difficult to find” a unit that produces prestigious, quality standards like Cosmovina . All are designed and manufactured by a team of highly specialized and skilled engineers and workers. Modern, meticulous processing. Source of raw materials imported officially, quality and safety 100%. Fiberglass conveyor belt ensures good heat resistance, high durability, and ensures work performance.
Therefore, if customers have a need to learn about fiberglass conveyors or any other industrial conveyor products. Please contact us for answers and advice on the most effective solutions for your business.
For further information, please contact:
Address: No. 6, An Sinh Street, Co Nhue 1 Ward, Bac Tu Liem District, Hanoi City.
Phone: – Hotline: 0932.488.998
Website: https://www.cosmovina.com/
Email: marketing.cosmovina@gmail.com

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